How to make a child learn?

Many parents face the reluctance of their children to study and generally go to school. Even those children who have always studied well sometimes experience periods of apathy, laziness, and aversion to learning. Therefore, the question of how to make a child learn, sooner or later, confronts any parent. How to solve this problem? How to instill in the child a desire to learn? How to interest him? Do I have to force children to learn? Let's see.

Make or interest?

First you need to clearly distinguish between the concept of "force" and "interest." If you force the child to learn, you will most likely come across open or veiled resistance on his part. After all, you will commit a real act of violence. Violence over a person, over her will, over her interests and the right to choose. Perhaps you will achieve some success with the help of threats and punishments, or even with the help of the notorious “gingerbread”. But these successes will be either temporary or entail serious psychological problems in the future of your child.

It is quite another thing - to interest. That is, to form a cognitive interest.And here it is important not only to awaken the desire to go to school, as the desire to learn new things, to expand one's horizons. Your task in this case is to convince the child that learning something new is always interesting and useful. But first you need to find out the reasons why the child lost (or did not acquire at all) interest in learning.

Problems and solutions

  • It is hard to learn. This is the most common reason for children not wanting to learn. Why can it be difficult? Fatigue - think about organizing your child’s day and workload. Material pass - try to fill in the gaps together. Excess information - try to teach your child to extract from this stream only the most important.
  • Misunderstanding - individual learning can solve this problem.
  • Easy to learn. This is precisely the reason for the sudden reluctance to learn from children who were previously successful students. The material is assimilated by them easily and quickly, the need for new knowledge arises, and the school curriculum does not satisfy these needs. There comes a moment of loss of interest in learning. This problem can be solved by enrolling a child in elective classes.
  • It's boring to learn.The problem of adolescence. It can be solved only if you link the hobbies of a teenager with the learning process. In addition, this time - the period of the first choice, the time when you need to prioritize and choose what is really interesting. And such that among school subjects there was nothing interesting, simply does not happen.

Parents' mistakes

Do not make the most common mistakes in your quest to make the child learn.

  • Do not use physical punishment.
  • Do not call the child.
  • Do not praise too much.
  • Do not pay money for good grades.

We repeat once again that the most correct solution to the problem is to develop a child's cognitive interest.

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