How to make a bedroom in yellow

A bedroom in yellow tones is more often decided by young people with a positive attitude. Someone thinks that yellow is a childish color, but it also has many different shades - from lemon to dark, ocher and honey. The last two shades are perfect for a classic interior style.

What is the color yellow

Yellow is a noble color, it goes well with almost all colors. Here are the classic color combinations for the bedroom: with burgundy tones, green, red, brown, purple. You can use both cold and warm shades.

You can experiment with yellow color in the bedroom - cover the yellow with white to get a beautiful bleached aged color. Above, you can apply blue mastic - get a greenish tint. With the red mastic, too, a good combination for the walls is obtained - a warm non-uniform orange will turn out.

Of course, not everyone will like the yellow walls.But you can try to choose a warmer tone or apply yellow color with vertical stripes. Or glue the yellow wallpaper on one wall so that it illuminates the entire bedroom.

Yellow is ideal for bedrooms whose windows face north. If you make such a bedroom in classic light tones, they will still have a grayish tint, so yellow and light orange are the perfect solution.

Yellow accessories

In the interiors you rarely see yellow furniture, but accessories in yellow will be appropriate - carpet, linens, curtains, blinds. It is worth noting such a modern direction of interior design, as "one single accessory." The principle of this direction is simple: the bedroom should be arranged in a neutral light color, adding only one accessory of active color. Yellow, as the brightest shade, is perfect for such a minimalist idea.

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