How to lengthen the frame

You will need
  • - semi-automatic welding;
  • - installation tools;
  • - finished parts for the modernization of the frame;
  • - welding skills.
Extend the frame of the motorcycle behind (behind the power unit) to increase the space for the driver’s feet. The degree of elongation can be selected individually, and this is often affected by the growth of the motorcyclist. Do not forget that you will also need to pull the rear wheel drive. To give the motorcycle the final chopper look, extend the frame part in front of the engine by welding the parts prepared in advance. Move the control pedals to the rod. Select the height of the pedals individually.
Zoom into the back of the frame to fit a wider wheel. You should not be too zealous, because in any case you will not be able to install a wheel that is more than 200 mm wide. This upgrade will also inevitably require redesigning the rear wheel drive. To get a beautiful appearance, experiment with the angle of the front fork, but be careful: if you tilt it more than 33 degrees, you risk sharply worsening the handling of the motorcycle.Try to reinforce the upper tube frame, traverse and feathers forks.
Weld to the frame of the new rear shock absorbers, it will help to visually lengthen it and improve the appearance of the motorcycle. Note that increasing the slope decreases the load capacity of the motorcycle. In addition, lower the saddle line - this will be successfully combined with an elongated frame.

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