How to learn to pull yourself up on the bar from scratch?

Push-ups and pull-ups on the horizontal bar are the best exercises with which you can pump your arms and back muscles. And besides, such exercises can be done right at home, without any extra money spent on classes in paid gyms. Even if, for any reason, you will not be able to install the crossbar in your apartment - do not worry, you can find dozens of platforms in the city where horizontal bars and bars are installed.

So, before telling you how to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch, I want to make a small digression and tell you about the benefits of pulling up on the crossbar.

Advantages of pulling up on a horizontal bar

The first advantage is, of course, the increased attention of girls to boys (and vice versa), with a beautiful toned body. And occupations on a horizontal bar, will make your muscles pumped up, and, absolutely in the natural way.

The second advantage of horizontal bars is the variety of sports exercises.You cannot even imagine that people can get up on such seemingly simple projectiles as a horizontal bar with parallel bars:

Abroad this movement is called Ghetto Workout. We have these people called tourniquets. I do not know about you, but I think that what they get up to be a real art!

Well, the third advantage is, of course, your health. Pulling up on the horizontal bar, you do not “ruin” your heart, because you are lifting your weight. But doing the barbell, you have to squeeze (or lift) the weight, which is much higher than your personal one, which negatively affects the work of the heart.

I can not pull up!

According to statistics, every third guy who is graduated from the university, can not catch up on the bar even 1 time! Shocking stats! I immediately remembered this demotivator:

Honestly, if you can never pull yourself up on a horizontal bar - you should at least be ashamed that you have brought yourself to such a state. It is clear that in the modern world there are a lot of factors that make our body decrepit: elevators, computers, cars, bad habits. They then turn us into weak and helpless.

In any case, you can always find a way out of any situation. To solve the problem you need to find the reasons that prevent us from overcoming it.

The reasons why you do not succeed

The primary reason for which you can not pull up on the bar - this is your laziness! Therefore, if you want to learn how to pull yourself up on a horizontal bar from scratch, tear yours off the computer, put on your sports clothes and go to work!

The second reason why a person cannot pull himself up on a horizontal bar is his extra weight. It is quite obvious that the more your weight, the more you have to make an effort to lift it. Therefore, if you have not developed musculature, and the weight is much higher than the norm - you can forget about pull-ups for a while. Do your best to remove the extra pounds: go jogging, swing the press, reconsider your diet. In this way, you not only can “prepare the ground” before classes at the horizontal bar, but also ease the strain on your heart.

If your weight is normal or even below it, you may still have problems pulling up. In this case, we are talking about poor physical fitness. In any case, this is a fixable matter: constant physical exertion and proper nutrition (by the way, I advise you to read an article about how to make a protein shake at home) will make a candy out of your body :)!

Sometimes you can meet quite strong, pumped up guys who are on the bar or do not shine, or cannot do it at all and 1 pull up. But this is nothing strange. They just have no practice on the bar. When a person regularly trains, the muscular and nervous systems are coordinated with each other over time, and as a result, the brain sends signals to the right muscles in time, which in turn perform the necessary function. This is also called "muscle memory." The absence of this very muscle memory is the reason that you can not pull up on the horizontal bar.

Now that you know the reasons for your failures, proceed to the next step - start acting!

The muscles that are involved in tightening

During pulling up, a whole group of muscles is activated, which contributes to an increase in muscle mass.

When tightening, the biceps, the broadest muscles of the back (the so-called “wings”), the forearms, the chest muscles, the triceps, the press are loaded. Moreover, pulling up with different types of grip will also change the load on each of these muscles.

The narrow grip adds strain to the arm muscles. Pulling up the usual, wide, and grabbing the head,load on the broadest muscles increases. Pulling back the grip, you can pump up the biceps.

How to learn to pull up on the bar?

If you don’t have any physical fitness at all, it’s best to start with daily pushups from the floor - so your muscles will start to get used to physical exertion.

The next thing you need to remember is to warm up. A 10-minute run, waving your arms, squats and stretching will allow you not only to avoid possible injuries, but also contribute to the achievement of better results. When you feel that your body has started to sweat, go to the pull-ups on the horizontal bar.

The first thing you need to master is the right grip when pulling. Your fingers should be pointing away from you, and your thumb should be wrapped around the crossbar at the bottom. It is possible to use another grip when pulling up, but for a person who learns to pull up on a horizontal bar from scratch, it would be advisable to learn how to pull up this way.

For beginners, it is best to use a technique called "negative repetitions". The essence of this technique is that you must take a position, as if already pulled up (so that your chin was above the horizontal bar). To do this, ask your friend to lift you up.Or you can take a chair and take the right position. Once you are hanging on the bar, begin to slowly lower. Down to the end - again, raise your chin above the bar and repeat the exercise again. After 5-7 reps take a breather. For a start, you have enough 3-5 approaches.

Such training should be done every other day (for example, Monday-Wednesday-Friday). Every day to load muscles is not necessary - they do not have time to recover and you will not benefit from it.

After you feel the power in your hands, you can start the usual pull-ups. After a few workouts, you can lift your chin over the crossbar. The course of tightening on the horizontal bar from scratch for you is finished, you can proceed to the next stage.

To learn to pull 10, 20, 30 or more times you will have to work hard on yourself. In order not to get out of the training mode, I advise you to use the program of increasing pull-ups on the bar.

Scheme of pull-ups on a horizontal bar

This program is designed for those people who can already pull up 5-6 times.

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