How to lay the floorboard

Photo parquet boardParquet board




Parquet board is an unusually easy-to-use material. The area you cover the floorboard will be protected from moisture. Often the parquet floor is compared with the floor of wooden boards. Parquet flooring took a lot from the wooden floor, and did not take a lot of bad.


Instructions for laying the floor of the floorboard:



1. The material that spreads under the floorboard is usually roofing material.

2. Parquet board itself

3. Plinth

4. Threshold

5. Hammer for hammering boards. Better wooden

6. Construction stapler

7. Saw

8. Hammer and Nails

9. Shilo


The technology of laying floorboard



1. The most important thing before you start laying is cleaning. It is necessary to thoroughly sweep and remove all debris. In particular, you need to look for old fasteners, such as nails, cufflinks, etc. Wash the floor to remove all dust and let the surfaces dry.


2. Washed and ventilated floor, you need to cover the covering material that you have chosen, and secure it with staples from the stapler. The benefit of covering material is that it acts as a protection against moisture and fumes.


3. What is important to know about the floorboard. This type of board is made of real wood, which allows you to choose the color that suits you. But the only thing that is a minus of this material is that the shade of the color of the board from different boxes may be different. Tip: Open all the boxes and evenly distribute boards.


4. Properly start laying is one row along the entire length of one of the walls. Choose the longest. Mount for the floorboard is a special locks. Another tip, laying the first boards, place them with a scallop against the wall. Then you should fix the first boards with a special stapler. To fix properly, drive in staples with a distance of approximately 150-200 mm between them. If you find it difficult to insert the boards into the grooves with your hands, help yourself with a rubber hammer. Laying the floorboard you should put it in a checkerboard pattern. Having finished laying the boards, nail the last row. The gap can be made wider by about 30-45 centimeters. Make sure that the nails do not stick out of the floorboard. In extreme cases, drive them with an awl and a hammer.


5. The last thing you need to do is install the floor skirting. Use a plastic skirting board to avoid painting it. And of course it's very important to lay the doorsteps in the doorway.

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