How to lay a wooden floor

You will need
  • - building level
  • - lighthouse lags
  • - a hammer
  • - nails or screws
The bearing surface can be either a concrete base or floor beams onfloory, so first you need to check how smooth they are over the entire surfacefloora, it can be done both with the help of a building level, and with the help stretched along the thread room.
After that, take the lighthouse logs, which are boards 75 - 100 mm wide and up to 30 mm thick. Starting from the highest place in the room, you need to install the lighthouse lags. They should move no more than 3-5 cm from the walls, and they should be laid at a distance of 2 meters from each other, parallel to the windows. Under the lags fit soundproof layer of sand or slag, as well as to adjust the level of fiberboard is used. Check the level of the lighthouse lags, and if necessary, place the fiberboard where you need to raise them.
In order to well lay woodenfloor, now you need to check the horizontal position of the laid logs with the help of a flat control rail. When laying the control rail on the logs, it should tightly touch all the lag at the same time, without gaps.
Check the uniform thickness of the boardsfloorand the quality of the pins and grooves on them, pick them up so that the neighboring boards are as close as possible in thickness, this will in consequence facilitate the scrapingfloora.
Take the first boardfloora and lay it with a groove to the wall, nail it to the lag, finish off the nails with a doboy. Instead of nails can be used and screws. After that, continue to buildfloorand, inserting pins into the grooves and connecting the boards, with each other.
Every 2-3 rows, compact the boards with wedges and nail them to the logs.

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