How to lace up skates?

How to lace up skatesDo you want to make unthinkable turns, get adrenaline charges and still feel comfortable? Then learn how to lace up skates. How to do this, we will teach you today.


First decide on the skates. It is better to give preference to skates with leather shoes, than cheaper plastic. The skin better supports the shape of the foot and is not as traumatic as plastic. Choose shoes with iron hooks for lacing - they make it easier to lacing and allow you to quickly remove shoes.


Need to measure skates on tights and thin socks. In general, the fact that you definitely do not freeze on ice. Skates should not be tight - these are not the shoes that are subsequently carried. Put on a shoe and push two fingers into it from behind, if they pass freely, then you can safely buy this pair.


Be sure to pay attention to the blades of skates. They should be symmetrical, and the heel and toe should be at the same level. If you find it difficult to choose, you can buy shoes and blades separately.Blades are likely to have to be sharpened, because they are often sold blunt. You need to sharpen them twice a season, but if you skate almost every day, you will need to do this more often.

How to lace up skates

The main rule when choosing skates - they should sit tight on the leg, not to hang out and not to rub. Therefore, re-measure several pairs before choosing one particular one.


To skates last longer, they need to be properly tended. After riding, wipe the blades and shoes with a piece of flannel and put them to dry in a dry place. You can not far from the battery, but not on the battery itself. Professional models need to raise insoles before drying. After the skates are dry, put them in fabric covers and hang them. If you constantly perform these simple actions, your skates will delight you for a long time.


How to lace up hockey skates

How to lace up skates

There are four types of hockey skates: for beginners, for amateurs, for semi-professionals and professionals. Hockey skates are much easier to figure skates, and in some places they have double protection so that you can avoid shocks from the puck.


Skates will not sit properly if they are incorrectly laced. Choose nylon laces - they pull well.The first part of the shoe laces up tightly, starting from the lifting of the foot is already more loose. Try not to pinch your fingers too much - blood circulation may be disturbed. It is better to lace up the skates from the outside to the inside, so that the crosses formed by the laces lie on the tongue of the shoe. The heel should fit snugly against the insole, and the foot should not hang inside the shoe.


To check whether the shoe is properly laced, you need to try to stick your finger under the laces. If you can't do it, then you did everything right.


How correctly to string figure skates

How to lace up skates

Figure skates are made with teeth on the edge of the blade. They are light enough and comfortable and needed to perform various turns and pirouettes. Putting on the skates, first of all correct the tongue. After that, start to lace up: the first two loops from the toe of the shoe are not laced up very tightly so as not to squeeze your fingers. We throw the string over the hook, wind it down, then up, to the next one, and so on. It is advisable to squat every two pairs of hooks, so you can check if your shoe doesn’t squeeze too much. The higher the lacing rises, the weaker you need to do capture.Wear long socks or knee socks on skates, so the hem of the shoe will not rub you.


Maybe the first time you will not be able to fit the shoes under you, but having lined them three or four times, you will definitely find an option for your foot.

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