How to keep your teeth until old age

I must say that this does not require something supernatural, although some effort will certainly have to be made throughout life. No wonder they say that you need to take care of his youth, and his teeth, too.

Competent care

Everyone loves and appreciates that they are cared for, believe me, teeth too. Therefore, do not forget to clean them daily at least twice - in the morning and in the evening. Also use an oral rinse during the day after meals. Or at least rinse your mouth with boiled water. In the morning right after sleep, you should not brush your teeth - it is better to do it after breakfast. And after brushing your teeth you need to rinse your mouth with warm boiled water. Know that rinsing strengthens the muscles of the cheeks.
Toothbrush is better to choose medium size and medium hardness, so as not to have too intense an impact on the tooth enamel. You need to change the brush at least once every three months. Use flossing or flossing, because not a single brush will reach those hard-to-reach areas that the thread will reach. But about the toothpicks there is no consensus.It turns out that if you use them carelessly, you can seriously injure the gum. Therefore, use only wooden toothpicks and, if possible, replace them with a floss. When brushing your teeth once a week, add a pinch of soda to the toothpaste to help keep your teeth white. But do not abuse, because soda eats away enamel.
Do not forget about professional hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity. To do this, you need to do it every six months in dentistry. And in general, do not forget to regularly visit the dentist and treat those teeth that need it.

Proper nutrition

Properly prepared diet, no doubt, will help your teeth stay in their place as long as possible. Many will be surprised, but chocolate strengthens the gums and is good for the teeth, as it prevents the bacteria in the mouth from multiplying. Black coffee has the same properties.
The most important element for the preservation and strengthening of teeth is calcium. They are rich in dairy products. Fluoride, which is abundantly contained in fish, will help in strengthening the teeth. Hard vegetables, such as cucumber, clean the teeth from plaque, so it is advisable to leave them for dessert.
For a snow-white smile, Julia Roberts, for example, advises rubbing her teeth with strawberries. According to the actress, she owes her natural beautiful smile to her.
Observing these simple rules, you can remain the owner of a healthy natural smile to a great age. A healthy strong teeth have a tremendous impact on the health of the whole organism.

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