How to insulate the booth

If the dog has wool, it does not mean that it does not freeze. The dog is not only a protector, but also a devoted guard, loyal, loving in spite of, a four-legged friend, who needs to be cared for and treated as a full member of the family.

What should be a doghouse

A good kennel should not have gaps and gaps between the logs. Even if you bought the strongest and highest quality timber, a single lumen or hole can spoil everything, because Russian blizzards do not have pity. If a lot of gaps, hide them under a sheet of euro lining or plywood. A doghouse is not a house, and it takes up not so many square meters, therefore it is a pleasure to warm it.

To protect a dog's corner from the cold by using such materials as:

  • Felt. It warms not only the walls, but also serves as protection from the winds, if you make a curtain at the entrance;
  • Styrofoam. Also used for insulation of residential buildings. Do not forget that the dog can chew, tear the material with its paws and nothing can be done about it - instincts;
  • Penoplex. Homogeneous tiles that protect from moisture, but can pass cold through connecting seams;
  • Polyurethane foam. One of the best options. It is applied by sealing;
  • Sawdust or hay.Heat is guaranteed, but there are several drawbacks: because of the naturalness of the material, there is a risk of fire, but, even worse, there may be mites, fleas and other parasites inside, which will get into the pet's fur;
  • Glass wool. Well retains heat, but has small prickly particles that can stick into the paws.

Having decided on the choice of thermal insulation, measure the necessary amount of material and upholster the walls inside the booth. Felt is attached with nails, and the foam can be glued. The entrance to the kennel should not be wide: so that the snow does not fall inside and the wind does not blow, make miniature curtains of unnecessary tarpaulin or felt. The roof is better to make a corner, upholstered with linoleum or old roofing material. No need to nail the roof to the boards, then when cleaning the kennel, you will not inconvenience. The first step is to protect the floor. Treat the walls and bottom with a protective solution against bark beetles and insects; lay the bottom with rubber.The booth should stand on a dais, for this is ideally suited wooden legs. If you put the booth in the snow - the floor will freeze, the boards will begin to rot. Lay a piece of felt on the rubber layer, cover the top with plywood. Felt can be replaced with straw. Do not forget to change the straw once a year. Some owners lay a bed of hay on the floor for additional heat.

There are some nuances: if you warm a dog house with a penoplex, in the summer your dog will have a hard time trying to hide from the heat in the house, it will not receive protection, and even more will be fried. If the house is with a removable roof, then you can save the day.

Another way to warm:Cover the outside of the kennel with a coarse cloth, tack in the inside with dry hay. But, remember the parasites that will eventually find a safe haven there. Some dog breeders purchase panel or film heaters. There is a risk that the floors will burn if a large amount of moisture gets on them. Another disadvantage is that the dog may crack the wires and suffer.

If not one method came up to you, there are special canine houses on sale with new technologies. In extreme cases, during the cold months, you can keep your pet at home.

Take care of your four-legged friend, and you will see how boundless and sincere is the love of a dog.

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