How to increase the energy of the human body

We will begin, of course, with ourselves. If you find it difficult to build relationships with people because of uncertainty, you should first of all do the enhancement. Having designed your room in accordance with the element of birth, you will create for yourself the most powerful support on the energy level and awaken your hidden opportunities. But do not try to implement all the tips simultaneously. Your tastes and preferences may change over time. The interior of an apartment or room should simply keep in touch with the birth element. Therefore, select any one color or object corresponding to your element, a general idea, and embody it. Remember the laws of the interaction of elements and place the attributes of the elements only in favorable directions.


Enhance body energy for human fire



Fire is best combined with the Tree and Earth. The tree feeds the Fire, and the Earth creates a sense of reliability and stability in it.Therefore, the shapes, colors and objects associated with these two elements will contribute to strengthening your energy industry. Attributes of Water should be avoided.

Bring green and yellow to the interior

The easiest way to increase the energy of the Fire is to add green color to the interior. But here you need to comply with the measure. If you glue green wallpaper, put a green carpet on the floor and fix the window sill with plants, then you will strongly shift the balance towards the Tree and make it dominant, which will lead not to strengthening the energy of your Fire, but to weakening it. Be sure to dilute the colors of the Tree with the colors of the Earth: yellowish-brown, ocherous, wheaten, terracotta. Avoid poisonous-yellow shades: they will suppress and create in the house an atmosphere of despondency.

Hang near the window of the earth's landscape

It is very good if you can see a forest, a park or just separate trees from your window. Otherwise, hang a picture or a photo of the earth’s landscape next to the window, or place climbing or creeping plants in front of the window. Cacti and plants with bright colors are not suitable for you.

Fire energy is fed by books and wooden objects.

You can emphasize the element of the Tree feeding you with wooden products - furniture, statuettes, pieces of knotted wood. The source of Tree energy is also books, so several shelves with books, especially old publications, will give you a feeling of stability and coziness.


- Do not forget that the books should be kept in order, and not to dump slides in the corners.

- For bathroom accessories from natural materials are good

- Seashells, pebbles and accessories made of natural materials, for example pumice and sponges, are good for a bathroom.

- Put spices in the kitchen

- In the kitchen, you can energize the Fire with elements of the Tree and Earth using glass jars filled with spices.

- Add some Metal


It is useful to bring some Metal into the interior of the apartment. This element will add depth to your love relationship. Fire is best suited for gold. Put on the shelf a book with a gilded root or a gilded statuette or simply glue on the back of the door an asterisk of gold foil. You can put a gold chain on the table by the bed or hang gold jewelry near the bed.


How to strengthen the energy of the human body to the earth



The elements of Fire and Metal have a very beneficial effect on those whose element of birth is the Earth. Therefore, if you want to strengthen your personality, you should bring their attributes to the interior of the apartment. Be careful with Water and Tree: an excess of the energy of these elements will “de-energize” you.

White candles and mirrors feed your energy.

Metal can be highlighted with white candles, mirrors in gilded or golden frames, muted wall lighting. The sconce is desirable to choose from milk glass or curved, like a swan neck. Candles will be good in the north-east and in the dark, dark corners of the room, where you need to disperse the stagnant energy. Remember that energy is activated not by the candle itself, but by its flame, so from time to time the candle should be ignited or used in the evenings as an additional light source.

Use stainless steel and cast iron utensils.

- In the kitchen, try to use stainless steel and cast iron. If possible, purchase a cutting table or a plate with a stainless steel surface.

- Bed tapestry style bedspread

- In the bedroom you can put a bed of faded camchi on the bed or in the style of an old French tapestry.

- What colors to choose for the design of the apartment

- The colors for the decoration of rooms, it is desirable to choose light, with gold, red, yellow or orange splashes. In addition to them, use the mysterious dark purple, emerald green or black.

- Remember that a surplus of Water and Wood weakens your energy.


Do not allow in the apartment an oversupply of items and colors associated with the elements of Water and Tree. With an excess of Water, your self-doubt may increase, and an excess of the Tree will make you too static. The abundance of plants in the house will bring your emotions into a mess. You need to express your love for nature, but the best thing to do is not indoors, but outdoors: messing with animals, plant flowers and grow vegetables at the cottage, walk in the woods or in the park.


How to increase the energy of the human body to the human metal



The main symbols of Metal are gold and silver, however, surrounding yourself with objects associated with your own element, you will become too pragmatic.An excess of metal attributes will bring you financial success, but it will hardly make your personal life happy. To strengthen your energy and create an atmosphere of friendliness and sincerity in relationships with people, you need to use the attributes of Water and Earth. The tree is also useful, but it should not be abused. Wooden furniture and books is enough.

Stones and shells will strengthen your energy

Sea shells, pebbles, pieces of glass ground by the sea - all this will strengthen your personal energy. Ideal - put on the shelf, even in the bathroom, let the pink seashell or a piece of raw amber on the windowsill in the bedroom. A powerful energizing effect on a person Metal has flint.

Harmony and comfort will create water landscapes

Harmony in relations with people and spiritual comfort will be promoted by seascapes, photos of rivers and lakes, and any drawings depicting water landscapes. Remember that in the bedroom, especially next to the bed, attributes of Water are not recommended.

Use the colors of Earth and Water

In the interior of the kitchen and bathroom, it is desirable to include the colors of the Earth - yellow, brown, ocher.In the living rooms, especially on bedspreads, pillows and curtains, the colors of Water are good - purple, blue, black, blue. They will help to achieve a better understanding in relationships with people. If the colors of Water are depressing to you, put a cup with black and blue marble balls somewhere on the shelf. The balls will work to strengthen your energy and relationships with others, even being out of sight.


- Avoid metal furniture

- Try to avoid bent iron and metal furniture. Such subjects will push you to extremes in expressing your feelings and emotions.


How to increase energy if you are a man of water



Wood and Metal are best combined with your element. The tree absorbs your penchant for despondency and smoothes out emotional contradictions, and Metal brings clarity to relationships and promotes freedom of expression. If possible, try to use the attributes of these two elements in the interior. Avoid excess Earth.


- Use wood carvings

- The wooden figure of a bird, carved furniture or carved ornaments made of wood are best suited for energetically feeding your element with the Tree.

- Wear gold


Metal will give you confidence and strength, bring clarity to your emotions, help you sort things out with the opposite sex. Use gold jewelry, items with a golden hue, copper or brass door handles and pans. If you love silver, try not to put it in an apartment in a prominent place: silver makes your already emotional nature even more sensitive.

Listen to music

In the room of the man of Water must be music. Buy musical pendants or wind chimes. When buying, be sure to listen to how they sound. The sound must caress your ears, not irritate. Well, if you know how to play any musical instrument. Play as often as possible. If you do not know how, listen to CDs or cassettes with the recording of classical music and sounds of wildlife.

Include in the interior colors of Water, Tree and Fire

It is recommended to include lilac and turquoise hues with the addition of a spark of Fire - red and orange in the color scheme of the apartment or room. Interspersed with fiery flowers will add passion to your love life.


How to increase energy if you are a man of wood



For energy supply, your element needs the attributes of Fire and Water. The fire will give you extra energy and will kindle the fire of your passion. Water will bring peace and tranquility. Try to avoid oversupply of metal. Metal destroys the Tree, so symbolizing its objects in large quantities can lead you to the feeling that there is no value in your relationships with loved ones and loved ones. Of course, you should not rush to extremes. The confrontation of wood and metal does not mean that you can not wear metal jewelry.

Choose the most powerful Fire symbols

The best Fire symbols for you are a candelabrum, a candlestick with candles (preferably there are two candles), a fireplace, a floor lamp with a bright lampshade, pictures of fire, stars, galaxies, a window mirror, hung so that it would catch the rays of the morning or evening sun In the kitchen, you will be given energy by a garland of red peppers hung on a wall near the door, and terracotta pots and vases.

Use Water for romance and peace

Be sure to include in the interior of the apartment or room the attributes of Water.This element will soothe your soul, bring romance into a love relationship. Water can be represented by an aquarium, a fountain, a picture of a quiet forest lake, a fountain or a seascape, or simply an elegant bathroom decoration. Remember that to keep in the bedroom, especially near the bed, water symbols is undesirable.

Colors that bring confidence and stability

Deep greenish shades of your own element and dark blue color of Water will help you to understand your emotions. And to stabilize your personal life, add one or two colors of the Earth to your bedroom interior - coffee, ocher or tea.

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