How to improve memory with products

Of course, the cause may be illness or age-related changes, but often a decrease in memory and concentration is associated with improper nutrition and lack of nutrients and trace elements necessary for the brain.

For the fruitful and smooth operation of the nervous system, first of all, complex carbohydrates are needed:cereal porridge, pastadurum wheatvegetables and fruits. These products nourish the brain, stimulate mental activity and restore a person's ability to memorize.

About harmcoffeea lot has been said and written, but a cup! strong coffee in the morning helps to wake up, stimulates mental activity, increases concentration. The main thing is not to abuse the drink.

Most people eliminate from the dietchocolatebecause of its high calorie content. However, 15-20 grams of real chocolate in the morning not only will not harm the figure, but also stimulate mental activity.

Do not forget about the much needed brainB vitamins. In large quantities they are found in foods of animal origin: liver, meat products, fatty fish, etc.

The human brain consists of various types of fats, so in the morning it is recommended to use 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, a piece of lard (about 30 g) or a handful of nuts. These foods enrich the brainhealthy fats, improve and restore memory, stimulate the central nervous system.

Pomegranate and Blueberrycontain a huge amount of antioxidants that beneficially affect brain activity. These products can be used as a snack or added to various dishes. By the way, a glass of pomegranate juice, drunk in the morning (not fasting), stimulates not only mental activity, but also sexual.

In order to constantly keep the memory in good shape, do not neglect the oral account, crossword puzzles, intellectual games, such as chess.

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