How to grow sorrel

You will need
  • Sorrel seeds
Bed for sorrel is prepared in the fall. It is better to allocate for this plant a plot of land with a slope to the south, so that there is no stagnation of water on it. Organic fertilizer must be applied to the soil. The first landing is recommended in April. The most convenient schemes for planting sorrel are two-line ribbon (the distance between the lines is 20 cm, between the ribbons is 50 cm) and wide-row (the distance between the rows is 45 cm). Sorrel seeds are placed at a depth of 1 - 2 cm.
Mainly care for sorrel is loosening, watering and timely removal of inflorescences and long stems. However, sometimes the greens are suffering from powdery and downy mildew. In the first case, the leaves are covered with white bloom, in the second - blurry gray spots. Another sorrow affliction is rust, which appears on the leaves in orange. Often, sorrel leaves gnaw insect pests (especially dangerous for the harvest: oxalic leaf spit, caterpillar of the oxal sawfly and rhubarb weevil).Also sorrel eat slugs, and aphids drink juice. Chemicals should not be used to control pests and diseases. Therefore, prevention is important - the destruction of weeds and the removal of excess vegetation after harvest. In extreme cases, you can use decoctions of plants and wood ash.
After each leaf cut, the sorrel must be fed with nitrogen-potassium or organic fertilizers and watered abundantly. Sorrel seeds for planting next year is not difficult to get: 2 - 3 bush plants should be left without cutting the leaves and waiting for the shoots to appear with buds.

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