How to glue wallpaper from bamboo

You will need
  • - wallpaper;
  • - vinyl glue or liquid nails;
  • - roller.
Before you start, think about how you will glue the wallpaper. There is one feature: the walls, which are pasted over with bamboo of the same color, look quite boring. It is better to combine different colors, then you can achieve a very stylish and modern look of the room. Shades are better for choosing one color scale, but different intensity.
Almost any base can be used for the sticker of bamboo wallpaper - wood, cement, brick. In this case, you can use such a popular adhesive material as liquid nails. On a bar or chipboard such wallpapers are nailed with small carnations. Before starting to glue, thoroughly wash the surface where you will glue the wallpaper. Let the wall (and, maybe, it will be a ceiling?) How it should dry. Plaster must be removed, as it is subject to crumbling, and the wallpaper will not hold firmly. The walls need to be prepared very carefully.Remove old wallpaper, temporarily remove all switches and sockets.
Prepare a good glue. It is better to take high-quality glue for vinyl. Do not use glue with a water content - it is not suitable for this type of wallpaper.
Apply glue to the prepared surface. Spread them yourself wallpaper. Wait a moment - the glue on the surface should slightly thicken, and the smeared wallpaper should be soaked with it. If you hurry and start glueing the wallpaper right away, you can get air bubbles that will nullify all the work. So, the glue has dried up, and you can start wallpapering. Gently press them against the surface and roll them with a wallpaper roller. Everything is very simple and resembles a sticker of ordinary wallpaper. The main condition is a good suitable glue and sufficient saturation of the wallpaper. Glue bamboo wallpaper should be butt.

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