How to get to Petersburg?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
July 30, 2014
How to get to Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is the northern capital of Russia, located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and at the mouth of the Neva River. The city and its environs are so beautiful that many residents of Russia dream to go there. Getting to St. Petersburg is quite simple, as there is an opportunity to use different types of transport.

Moscow, Saint Petersburg

A train

It is very easy to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg by train, as a large number of trains run daily. The duration of the trip varies from 4 to 13 hours. The fastest train is the Sapsan train, which will take you to the northern capital in 4 hours. Trains in the direction of St. Petersburg depart from different stations:

  • Leningrad;
  • Kursk.

And arrive in St. Petersburg on

  • Moscow;
  • Ladoga railway stations.


The fastest way to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg is by plane. It takes passengers from one capital to another in about an hour and a half. Every hour, take off aircraft in the direction of St. Petersburg.Aircraft take off from

  • Domodedovo;
  • Vnukovo;
  • Sheremetyevo.

A land in St. Petersburg in Pulkovo -1. To get to any airport is not difficult, since the regular buses ply, you can also take a taxi.


Every day about 10 regular buses transport passengers from Moscow to St. Petersburg. A distance of 706 km bus passes in 10-12 hours.

A car

If you have your own car, then there should be no problems during the move from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The main thing - at any time you can stop to relax or walk around the cities that you will pass.

Sochi - St. Petersburg

If you plan to travel from Sochi to St. Petersburg, in this case, you can use

  • by train
  • by plane
  • by car
  • by bus.

A train

In order to get from Sochi to St. Petersburg, you can use one of three trains that run between these cities. Travel time is about two days. The trains leave the railway station of Sochi and arrive at Moscow or Ladozhsky railway stations.


In this case, it is also the fastest way to get to St. Petersburg, since you will spend about 3 hours on the road. Three to five aircraft run daily.Planes take off from the airport Adler and land at Pulkovo - 1 in St. Petersburg.


There is no direct bus from one city to another. Therefore, if there is a desire to ride a bus, you will have to make a transfer in Moscow or in another big city along the way.

A car

The distance between Sochi and St. Petersburg is 2334 km, so the road may take up to two days (and maybe more). If you are planning to visit cities along the way, then this type of travel is ideal.

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