How to get rid of shyness

Psychologists believe shyness�- the same innate trait,�like eye color or hair. But even if you are very shy, you can change this by working on yourself.

Causes of shyness.In most cases,man is shy if he is unsure of himselfand is afraid of a negative assessment of others. But we forget that people are too busy with themselves and their problems and they are usually not up to us. Therefore, do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and clumsy, because, perhaps, no one will notice.

Communication skills training.�Communication skills can be trained, the main thing - to do this as often as possible. For thistry to be as much as possible among people�with whom you feel relaxed. Joke, chat, tell stories from your life. Communicate online in various forums, try to talk more often on the phone with strangers. For example, call a fashion boutique and find out about the nearest sales and discount conditions.

Mood.�Shyness affects your body's response (rapid breathing and heartbeat, hiding voice), so it�s important�learn to control them. Control your breathing - take deep breaths and exhale slowly. Manage your hands - take a notebook, a book, anything, just do not pull at the hem of the dress. Manage speech - speak confidently, do not rush, make pauses.

Preparation.�If you know that you have to find yourself in a new, unusual environment, then take care of your comfort in advance. Clothes, shoes, makeup - everything should be familiar and convenient, so as not to worry about the appearance. And remember, it�s enough to meet a couple of people at an event, and they will introduce you to everyone else. Do not try to please everyone,communicate at your pleasure�without thinking about what others say. Most likely, they are also busy with themselves.

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