How to get rid of nausea: 5 effective ways

novy-j-god-opyat-New Year's holidays are not only fun, but usually also a large amount of alcoholic beverages with which we drink down fatty, stomach-heavy dishes. What if in the midst of fun you drank an extra glass and you feel nauseous? How to cope with the situation and not spoil your holiday? After all, the night has just begun, there is a long holiday program ahead, so I don’t want to miss everything!

In this case, there are 5 effective ways that will quickly put you on your feet and help you cope with your indisposition!

№ 1. Calm down

Sit in a quiet and peaceful place and relax. If this is not possible - just go to the toilet and try to escape from the hustle and bustle. Focus on your condition and try not to be nervous. The fact is that nausea is only aggravated by anxiety.


No. 2. Breathe Properly

To ward off nausea, force yourself to breathe slowly and deeply with your nose. Count to yourself - five bills to inhale, then - five bills to exhale.The main thing is to catch the rhythm and with the help of deep breathing to make the body relax, not panic. Within minutes you will feel a noticeable relief. But the best thing after that is to refrain from spirits and drink ordinary black tea with lemon.


№ 3. Lie down

If you have such an opportunity, sleep half an hour. When you wake up, you will feel much better. If you can not sleep, just lie down so that the head is located above the rest of the body. It is enough to lie down for 5-10 minutes to nausea receded.


No. 4. Take a walk

Drink a glass of mineral water and take a walk for 15-20 minutes in the fresh air. Only in no case try to smoke, and stay away from the smoke of other smokers - strong odors with nausea can cause a vomiting reaction.


№ 5. Resort to folk remedies.

Ginger and mint are good for nausea. It can be either ginger or mint tea, as well as regular mint candies or chewing gum. If you know that sometimes alcohol causes you to feel nauseous, store them in advance. If there is nothing like that at hand, go for mints or menthol sweets to the nearest store, and at the same time breathe fresh air.


These were 5 effective ways to help you get rid of nausea and give you a good feeling! Celebrate the New Year with pleasure!

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