How to get rid of constipation?

Constipation is a very unpleasant and rather dangerous problem that can flow into the most unforeseen consequences and diseases. Over how to get rid of constipation, think only those people who have obvious symptoms of the disease - the lack of daily stool.

And if the chair is regular, without pain, then most do not even think that they, too, may be constipated. If more than what is excreted enters the rectum, then it begins to get clogged up with food debris, stretches and becomes a source of body toxicity.

Symptoms of insufficient work of the rectum

But how do you know that your body can not cope with the food consumed, if there are no obvious signs of constipation? Watch for yourself, maybe you will notice that:

  • you are often tormented by bloating, belching, nausea, or heartburn;
  • in the stomach constantly hums, even when you are not hungry;
  • you go to the toilet every few days, and if every one, then the stool is scarce and difficult to remove;
  • sometimes you feel weak, headache, irritability or aches, and you can get rid of this state only by going to the toilet;
  • often the stomach hurts.

If at least a couple of symptoms relate to your daily state, then it is quite possible that your body gives you signs to which you should listen.

Quick Methods

The reasons for this unpleasant disease can be many, so the most correct decision will be a visit to the doctor. He will be able to identify the root cause of constipation and prescribe a treatment that can quickly get rid of torture. But before you get an appointment with a specialist, there are some recommendations that, if you listen to them, you can stabilize the work of your intestines.

Main reasons

One of the most common causes of constipation is malnutrition. Modern humanity eats according to the principle - eat as soon as possible, spend as little time as possible on it, taste as good as possible, but it doesn’t matter what these goodies are made of. Various semi-finished products, preservatives, fatty and synthetic foods are all normal components of the menu of almost every person.

People who overly consume alcohol, sugar, animal proteins, and various preservatives force their liver and gall bladder to work 5 times more to process all these foods. Hence, various diseases that lead to neoplasms.

By the way, colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers, because it accumulates recycled waste, which is a favorable breeding ground for a wide variety of bacteria.

Another, no less common cause, is the lack of fluid in the body. Most often, people ignore the advice of nutritionists, and with them the fact that the daily rate of water in the body should be 1.5-2 liters.

And the third reason is the lack of movement and exercise. Pay attention to your diet of the day. Do you sit in the office all day, at the computer or on the couch?

The intestine is not tuned to such a low activity, therefore, problems with digestive activity begin. Do sports - swimming, fitness, dancing, football - all this is perfect for the normal functioning of the intestines, and at the same time for the general tone of your whole body.

So diet

In order to get rid of chronic constipation, you need to completely restructure your diet. Every day, 30-40 grams of fiber should be absorbed into the human body. It can be found in raw fruits and vegetables,prunes and beets are especially useful, as well as: apples, pears, plums, oranges, apricots (especially in the form of dried apricots and dried fruits), cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and others.

In addition, fiber is found in mussels, buckwheat and corn porridge, in bran bread and sprouts. No less useful in such cases are nuts: almonds, peanuts, seeds, etc.

Dried gray bread is very rich in fiber, so those who love fresh white bread will have to replace it. Also, do not forget that food should be regular, at least 4 times a day, try to comply with the regime - eat at the same time. Thus, you will stimulate the work of the intestine, because the work of the large intestine is activated only when food gets into the stomach.

Folk remedies

As always, traditional medicine can come to the rescue with its herbs and knowledge. We list some ways that can really help with this ailment.

  • Vegetable or olive oil. One spoonful of fasting home-grown vegetable oil can be a good habit when dealing with constipation. Only to drink oil is necessary regularly, otherwise you will not see the effect.
  • As is known, prunes, like other dried fruits, have a laxative property.In order to take advantage of the healing properties of this product, prepare an infusion of prunes. To do this, in the evening pour two prunes with a liter of spring or purified water. In the morning, squeeze out the swollen plums and drink the infusion.
  • Potato juice. Perhaps, someone will not like it, but the daily consumption of 0.5 cup of potato juice significantly improves the state of the gastrointestinal tract and successfully fights against all the unpleasant symptoms of his diseases.
  • Flax-seed. They can be found in any pharmacy. In order to use them, a teaspoon of flaxseed is steamed with a glass of boiling water, infused for 5 hours. At bedtime, you need to drink the entire glass along with the seeds.
  • Cabbage pickle is also a product that has a mild laxative effect. Daily use of brine also has a beneficial effect on the bowels.

How to help the child?

If the child is still quite small, then the solution to this problem should be approached as carefully as possible. Older children can follow the same advice as adults.

But what to do with the kids? It is necessary to closely monitor,for the child to receive the necessary amount of fiber and fluids per day, often do circular massages of the tummy, add dried fruits, pre-steamed in hot water, to the baby’s morning porridge. Make sure that the baby is often in the fresh air, play with him in an energetic game.

But in any case, do not feed the baby "laxative" food, otherwise you can seriously disrupt the microflora of the stomach. Fluid should also be measured: 0.3 mg of the total body weight of the child.

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