How is amber mined?

The refined look, carefully cut by a jeweler, attracts the attention of millions of people. The level of demand for products made from organic mineral derived from wood deposits of resin determines the production and production scale of jewelry and souvenir production from stone. Annually, the extraction of amber is about 800 tons, but even such volumes are not enough to satisfy the needs of the world's population.

The value of the mineral in the uniqueness - in the world there are only a few large fields that use modern equipment, accelerating the process of collecting stones. In the Baltic countries, 80% of amber is mined, thanks to wood tar deposits in Kaliningrad and Rivne region. Hence the organic mineral is spread across the continents.

The main methods for the extraction of amber

In the Middle Ages, amber was extracted from deposits of tree resin by hand, so it might take a day to search for one small stone. By the beginning of the XIV century, inventive scientists built special nets with eight-meter-pole handles, simplifying the procedure for collecting minerals.Today, innovative equipment is used to extract amber, so an automated process allows us to increase the scale of gem mining.

How is amber mined?

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Modern excavators, breaking the ground with heavy buckets, are able to “master” a large area in a short period of time. Dug up soil rocks are placed on a separation device designed for sifting clay and sand deposits. Stones caught in the earth are visually examined by an experienced gemologist, identifying amber among similar minerals in structure. Despite being involved in the process of extracting innovative equipment, the procedure is laborious and time consuming.

On small pits, nets are still used, catching amber from the surface of the dug out rocks. A precious mineral is lighter than water, therefore stones due to their physical properties rise from deposits to a funnel formed in the ground.

In Kaliningrad, the waves of the Baltic Sea annually throw up to 38 tons of amber, broken off from the deposits of wood tar, formed under the thickness of the reservoir.

Deposits of organic mineral can be both on land and in the sea.

In the Kaliningrad region, organic mineral is predominantly mined in the city of Yantarny, which was named because of its close proximity to the world's largest deposit of wood resin.

Amber classification by visual distinction

In the XXI century on the Internet there are many photos and videos on the extraction of amber, allowing the interested user to visualize the process of extracting minerals from the ground rock. However, having familiarized with the procedure of collecting precious stones, it is impossible to independently identify the location of their deposit and determine the kind of amber.

How is amber mined?

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The classification of organic minerals in accordance with the visual characteristics of the mineral:

  • Transparent- a stone with an unsaturated yellow shade, colorless structure.
  • Smoky- a cloudy milky-white tone is unevenly distributed over the surface of the mineral with transparent “patches”.
  • Bastard- bright yellow shade, iridescent in the light.
  • Bone- Ivory mineral with a dense structure.
  • Frothy- in a stone light tones of yellow, brown, claret prevail.

Depending on the color of precious minerals, the cost and scope of use of amber is determined. Souvenir products are made of stones with damaged texture or changeable shade. Specialized stores sell smoking kits, monuments, jewelry boxes, interior items or compact trinkets with resin shine.

The best examples of amber are used in the manufacture of jewelry, complementing with a stone rings and earrings made of precious metals. On the shelves of jewelry stores are pendants and pendants, necklaces and necklaces, bracelets and beads from the "sunny" mineral. The more evenly the color is distributed over the amber surface, the more expensive the product cost. The organic mineral can be easily processed, but cutting is an expensive procedure, so finding amber on the shores of the Baltic Sea, count on a solid financial investment if you want to get a piece of jewelry from a selected stone.

Each career is characterized by a certain color of minerals.This phenomenon is explained by climatic conditions affecting the formation of wood tar deposits. "

How to deal with illegal mining of amber?

In the 21st century, a problem has emerged that is being solved at the state level - illegal mining of amber. Extraction of an organic mineral from soil or rocks requires a special permit. It is necessary to register the company and coordinate the site planned for collection of stones with the regional authorities. Only after all the documents are in the hands of the owners of the enterprise, equipment is imported and labor is attracted.

How is amber mined?

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For example, in Ukraine, in the Rovno region, the company “Burshtyn” is engaged in mining, which has received official permission from the governing bodies of the country. All reports on minerals are regularly provided to officials, because amber deposits are a natural resource under state protection.

Violators of the law, who arbitrarily extract gems, cause significant economic damage to countries in whose territory deposits of wood resins are located.Authorities who have discovered intruders can officially confiscate equipment and tools involved in the production process. Since 2013, the minimum amount of the fine for unauthorized work has been increased in the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Thanks to state innovations and tougher penalties, in 2015 the volume of illegal extraction of organic mineral decreased by 30%.

After learning how amber is mined, people become aware of the uniqueness of this gemstone, because depleted mineral reserves are reduced daily.

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