How to get a loan in Minsk

Visit website, which presents all banks of Minsk. The main page contains a list of types of loans. In Belarus, you can get a loan for consumer needs, to buy a car or real estate. It should be noted that the rates oncreditm high enough, so before you go to the bank, you need to assess their financial capabilities.
Select a credit method and enter the initial information in the search query: currencycredit, repayment term and loan amount. Click the Calculate button. The resource will give you a list of Minsk banks in which you can receive credit funds according to specified parameters. It specifies the interest rate, withdrawal fees, and the amount of monthly payments. Choose the best option and follow the link to the bank site.
Go to the necessary documents to obtaincreditatMinsk. As a rule, it is necessary to fill in the application form and the guarantor’s application form, which forms can be obtained from the bank branch or downloaded from the website. Make a copy of employment record or an extract from this document.
Get a job certificate confirming a steady income. Contact a bank loan officer with a package of documents and issue a loan. If you are in draft age, then you also need a military ID.
Get credit funds on your payroll card. In this case, there is no need to collect multiple documents, and the interest rate will be significantly lower. Also, a positive credit history, guarantors and collateral can lower the interest rate on a loan. Check this information in your service bank.
Sign the loan agreement. It is recommended to carefully study its conditions and the presence of fines for early repayment. Get money in your hands or in your current account and use as directed.

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