How to find out your credit history in the bank

In accordance with the Russian legislation, each credit institution must interact with one of the credit bureaus, concluding an appropriate agreement. Credit history is formed by the borrower. He has the right to make or not make some loans in it. If you consent to the transfer of information to the bureau for the first time, it is necessary to generate a code. Subsequently, knowing it, you will be able to access your credit history.
If you made loans in different banks, then information about you may be stored in several bureaus, depending on which of them has a contract with the bank. The title part of the credit history is transferred to the Central Catalog of Credit History (CCCH), which is a subdivision of the Central Bank.
Not only credit institutions, but also the borrowers themselves have access to information stored in the CII. Usually this is resorted to in the event of a refusal to issue a loan,if at the same time the borrower has a good and income and flawless documents. As a rule, in this case, people check their creditthe story, to be convinced, in the presence or absence of any errors in the past. Sometimes erroneous information is found in the CII. They can be eliminated by writing a statement.
Since the credit bureaus do not exchange information between themselves, the necessary information about themselves can be obtained through the CCCH. This can be done on the website of the Central Bank or by e-mail the catalog, and you must know the code of the subject of credit history. After contacting you will receive a list of the bureau where your credit history is stored. If it is empty, it means that you either did not take loans at all, or did not give consent to the provision of information in the CII. Such a procedure is free only once a year. If you need to use the information more often, you will have to pay about 500 rubles. for each subsequent appeal.
Remember that you can provide information from the bureau to you only if you apply to it personally or have a notarized power of attorney from the person for whom your credit history will be requested.

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