How to find out the real biological age of a person?

Perhaps you have noticed such a pattern: people of the same physiological age can vary greatly in health, the degree of development and aging of the body is significantly influenced by environmental and environmental factors and a supported lifestyle.

Sometimes it is possible to observe the fact of premature aging: middle-aged and older people do not feel completely healthy, even despite the absence of any serious diseases. On an emotional level, they continue to feel young and active, still perceive the world around as sensibly and deeply, but in fact, they cannot fully live as fully as they were when they were young.

People who are aging prematurely are not able to cope with the same physical activities as their peers, they get tired quickly and recover for a long time, their sleep can be disturbed, pains in the joints, muscles and limbs appear, and headaches become more frequent.

In this case, it makes sense to talk about the biological age of a person who does not correspond to the number of past years, but depends on how you feel physically and what kind of lifestyle you lead.

Scientists have long proved that the age specified in the passport may not correspond to your real state of health and soul: physically and psychologically you may be older or, on the contrary, younger than the numbers that you have in the document.

The difference between chronological and biological age, most often, becomes noticeable in groups of long-livers: for example, a person may be 80 years old, but biologically he feels at 50, and vice versa. In younger groups, the difference is usually not very noticeable, although, recently, the problem of premature aging has increasingly become apparent in very young people (30-35 years old).

This fact, without any doubt, is abnormal, and, therefore, you need to look for methods to avoid it, because biological age directly affects the duration and quality of human life. Theoretically, the chronological and biological calculus should coincide, but if the biological age lags far behind the calendar age - thismay be evidence of good health and long life expectancy.

Biological age assessment

To be able to influence your biological age and, more importantly, to reverse it, it is necessary, first, to find out how it differs from the data indicated in your passport. How to define it and what is needed for this?

In medicine, entire systems and methods have been developed for quite some time, according to which the biological age of a particular person can be determined. Most often, the whole process consists of a set of actions based on physical exercises: the ability to maintain balance for a certain period of time, reaction speed, flexibility, pulse measurement, and so on.

Depending on the purpose of use, the direction and themes of research tests may vary, a large number of different criteria are applied, ranging from skeletal, sexual and dental maturity, to the level of development as a person.

Distinctive features are also taken into account: gender, membership in a particular population group, social factors and other circumstances.For example, specialists have long noticed that biological processes in the body are slower than in men, and therefore, on average, women live longer than men by 6-8 years.

Also, you probably noticed another feature: children of the same age can vary greatly in their degree of development. Often, the reasons for this difference are laid in a different level of education, living conditions, heredity, as well as many others.

But it also happens that children of the same age and in exactly the same conditions have significant differences in development: someone already speaks with might and main and even begins to read, and someone even pronounces individual words with difficulty.

Here there is a question about the concept of a child’s biological age: the higher it is, the faster and easier it is for the child to cope with the loads, it becomes less sensitive to stressful situations, it is easier to adapt to new conditions. To bring up a full-fledged and harmonious personality, it is very important to monitor the biological level of the child’s development.

Biological age. How to calculate?

As we have said, for this there is quite a large number of methods, in medical sources for self-determination, the following test is distinguished.

  • Pulse rate.Measure its frequency at rest, then make at a fast pace exactly 30 sit-ups, again measure its frequency. From one number subtract another, and check the difference: 0-10 beats - you are 20 years old; every 10 units of difference are added for 10 years of life. If the difference is more than 40 units, then you are over 60 years old.
  • Test the reaction. To do this, you will need an assistant who will hold a 50-cm ruler. The zero of the ruler is lowered down, and the hand of the test person should be located 10 cm lower than its edge. Assistant ruler should be released unexpectedly and, depending on what level the subject will catch it, determine its biological age. So: at the level of 20 cm - 20 years, 25 cm - 30 years, and so on: every 5 cm is added for 10 years.
  • Flexibility test. To do this, stand up straight, slightly bend your knees and lean your body forward. In this position, you must try to reach with your palms to the floor. Result: palms completely on the floor - 20-30 years; touched only with his fingers - 40 years; they reached out to the shin with their fingers - 50 years; to knees - 60 and above.
  • The most difficult thing is balancing. To do this, you need to close your eyes tightly, stand on one foot, and the second one, you can balance your hands, you can not keep it.The assistant must count how much the subject will be able to stand in this position: 30 seconds or more - you are about 20 years old; 20 s - 40 years; 15 s - 50 years "10 s - 60 and more.

To make the result more accurate, all the answers you need to add up and calculate the arithmetic average - this will be your approximate biological age. Now that you know what it is and how to define it, you should probably take care of your health, especially if the test results do not impress you.

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