How to find a person by name

Want to find your old friend? You will surely succeed, even if you have only a surname at your disposal. The modern world, thanks to a developed network of communications, makes it almost impossible to completely get lost. Useful tips to help you.

How to find a person by name

To find a person by the last name you need to:

- a computer,
- the Internet,
- phone.

Set the desired last name in all known Internet search engines. For example, and often give different results for the same query. Use the spelling not only Cyrillic, but Latin. If your friend moved to live abroad, his name now looks different.


How to find a person by the last name for free?



Add the name of the person you are looking for in the search bar. Even if the surname is rather rare, it alone is not enough. Enter the name is not required only if you are looking for a celebrity. Then the search engines will give the desired link in the first lines.

Save all found useful information.It is possible that the person you need was published somewhere, spoke, posted your resume. Using these facts, you can try to find it already using the phone and the coordinates found.

How to find a person by name

Search the most popular social networks. Part of the answers you will receive a search engine. For example, Google will report registered users on its Google+ network and Facebook. Yandex will provide information about joining “My Circle”, Mail will tell about the participants of “My World”.


Log in to your account in "Vkontakte" and in "Classmates" to ask there to find a person's last name, which you have. If you are not a user, you will have to either register or ask for the service of someone you know who uses these networks.

Add to the search query not only the name, but also the year of birth and the intended place of residence. In this case, you will have to view less unnecessary information.


Remember, with whom this person can maintain a relationship, correspond. This is necessary if the search has not brought results. Perhaps the person you want prefers to use a nickname or a pseudonym. Then you need to use another tactic: look for "around."

How to find a person by name

Browse the lists of friends of former acquaintances wanted. Perhaps someone has already made contact with him. And you will find a person no longer by last name, but by photo.
Consult the help of specialized resources if your own searches have failed. For example, archives with databases of names. Check out one of our articles on how to find a person by the last name, there are several other ways out there.


We hope that our article helped you find a person by name. If you want to find a person's maiden name for free, this can also be done online via the social network Vkontakte (VK) or Odnoklassniki. Now the search for people has become much easier, because almost everyone is “sitting” on the Internet and have personal pages on social networks.

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