How to excite a woman unnoticed?

How to excite a woman unnoticed?

How to excite a woman unnoticed?



On the expiration of a certain number of people living together with their chosen one, many men begin to feel a certain distance and coldness in sexual relations. Intimacy occurs much less frequently and significantly with less pleasure for both partners than it was at the beginning of their life together. In general, the situation in the family becomes tense, and it becomes almost impossible to relieve the tension, as before - by having good sex. Of course, the cold detachment of a woman unnerves her partner, and permanent refusals greatly worsen self-esteem. As a result, a man can go to seek comfort from other women, as well as his spouse can begin to look for happiness in the arms of other men. What to do if family life and sex become incompatible concepts? How not to bring matters to adultery, quarrels and scandals?


The main thing that a man should always remember is a woman in order to get excited, it is necessary to concentrate completely on yourself.Her passion inflames much slower - but then it fades away for a very long time. How to wake up in your wife the very woman who would not mind spending time with you in an active and enjoyable vacation in the common bed?


What should a man do?



The first thing a man needs to do is ensure the surroundings and not immediately rush to the attack. If your woman comes in the evening from work - she dreams of rest, but not of your excited dignity. Give her the opportunity to rest, time to recover and, preferably, perform some of her duties at home. For example, prepare dinner and tidy up in the apartment. The spouse will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunity given to her to simply relax both from work, and from daily affairs and cares around the house.


Signs of attention.



Over dinner, give your woman a token of attention and in no case be fond of watching TV or reading books and newspapers. Show your sweetheart that only she exists for you at the moment. Talk to her - especially if you have this rarely and irregularly lately. Look after her at the table - do not let her run around in the kitchen, cut the bread herself, make tea, open the bottle of wine, take care of the necessary quantity of cutlery on the table.Let her at least this evening feel your care and affection. Let her feel completely under your care - this will give your wife the opportunity to feel the warmest feelings for you.


After dinner, do not leave the quarry - give your other half time to rest. Do not skimp on compliments, watch the little things. The main thing - do not replay and do not let a woman understand that all this is done in order to corny her to sex. This will hurt her, and, of course, only worsen your situation. Let the further look solely as her personal initiative: all women greatly value the freedom of their own choice.


In the process, you can make your darling a massage or just stroke your hands. This will relax any woman - on the back and arms of almost every woman are erogenous zones, with the stimulation of which may be a slight desire for intimacy. The main thing - do not overdo it, so again, do not let her know that you want sex from her. But even if you notice a reciprocal desire in your address, you cannot give it to him.


You yourself will notice when the picture suddenly changes.Your spouse herself will press against you with her whole body, will trust trustfully, exposing herself under your arms. Continue to caress and stroke her, gradually moving to more and more tender places. Such unhurried caresses very much excite women, rousing in them a passionate desire for intimacy - and very soon the matter will come to you.


If you want this sex was not the last, so to say, for the period of courtship - show maximum of care, attention and tenderness. Over the years of living together, you probably know that your spouse loves before, during and after sex. She might like sensual cunnilingus or teasing manual stimulation. During sex, do not forget about the needs of your second half: now her pleasure and orgasm are more important for you than your own. Take care of its convenience; If necessary, put a pillow under her hips or belly and in any case do not forget about the clitoris. Give him as much attention as possible: for a woman, sex without stimulation of the clitoris is the same as for a man - intimacy without penis involvement.


After you finish intercourse, the worst thing you can do is fall asleep.Be brave and do not sleep - even after an orgasm, female arousal eases slowly, like an ocean tide. Give your beloved a chance to cuddle up to you, caress each other, talk in a gentle whisper on any abstract topics. Believe me: what happens after sex is as important for a woman as the prelude is, as is intercourse. If you immediately turn away and fall asleep - her feelings will not be complete.


Now you can get your spouse to bed even after a hard day’s work. Let you in your family life not have an ice wall - a barrier that prevents you from enjoying each other's company. Including - and in bed.

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