How to eliminate a sharp headache

The easiest way to eliminate headaches is an analgesic pill. But if it doesn’t exist or, for any reason, it cannot be accepted, try other means that have an analgesic effect.
Since dehydration is a frequent cause of headache, drink a glass of pure water in small sips, and then brew strong black or green tea with a pinch of mint, or just mint. While the therapeutic drink will brew take a contrast shower. Temperature changes have a good effect on blood vessels, including those of the brain.
After 15-20 minutes after drinking water and a contrast shower, drink tea and, having assumed a comfortable posture while lying down, remain stationary for 20-30 minutes. After 1-2 cups of this drink, the headache gradually subsides. In addition, lubricate the temples and forehead at the bridge of the nose with an asterisk balm or peppermint (essential oil or mint leaf juice).And in the room, provide access to fresh air, since oxygen starvation can also be the cause of the headache.
In addition to the contrast of shower and tea, use other means. For example, make a warm foot bath. The outflow of blood from the brain to the dilated vessels of the lower limbs helps to eliminate headaches. During the footbath massage the nose bridge - squeeze it with two fingers (several times for 20-30 seconds) or make lotions to the temples and forehead from aloe cut along a large sheet.

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