How to dye hair roots?

Of course, the ideal option for dyeing hair will always be visiting an experienced master in the salon, with confidence in a remarkable result that will please not only the owner of the updated hair, but also cause a positive reaction from others.

During the first month after the procedure, the hair will attract the eye with its even color, elasticity, obedience and smoothness, and then there will be a problem - regrown roots, and their appearance will no longer cause delight.

Regular salon services are not affordable for everyone, therefore, painting the roots will have to be done independently, since all that is necessary for the procedure is widely represented in the sales network and is affordable, and time can always be found for it even in the tightest schedule.

Bringing yourself in order at home is very simple, most importantly, to delve into the subtleties of the process and comply with technology. Then the result will be no worse than the salon, and regrown hair roots, giving the appearance of untidy and carelessness, will quickly become correctable misunderstanding, not able to affect your mood.

Workplace organization

To refresh the hair roots at home without the help of a professional, you need to stock up with everything you need:

  • for fastening strands with clips or pins;
  • comb-comb to divide hair into zones;
  • plastic bowl for the preparation of the color composition;
  • brush to apply the product on strands;
  • hair dye with a suitable shade;
  • oxidizing agent for paint;
  • gloves and a cape to protect the skin and clothing.

If all this is, then you can get down to business.

Home dyeing process

It should be started well in advance with an allergy test, by applying a small amount of the product to the skin, even when using a paint that was previously successfully applied. In the presence of unpleasant sensations, itching with burning, it is recommended not to use the product.

In order to achieve a uniform color, hairdressers are advised to choose a paint for the roots similar to that in which the main strands are painted, and ideally the same manufacturer and color. The product is always accompanied by instructions, the following of which is mandatory, especially in terms of maintaining the composition.

Next, you need to prepare a mixture of paint and oxidant in a ceramic or plastic container. Metal utensils are not used, since when metal and paint enter into a reaction, the tone may become unrecognizable and frustrating. Then comb your hair, cover your shoulders with a prepared cape to protect against the composition, wear disposable gloves.

The procedure itself consists of the following steps:

  1. At the first stage, all hairs are divided into four parts using three partings. One (middle) divides the strands into two zones, the other two (the crown of the ears) divide the existing ones in half. Hair on the received zones is twisted into bundles and fixed with pin-clips.
  2. On the second, the roots on all the partings are carefully stained with the composition, including the parotid zones and above the neck. If the dye gets on the skin, it is immediately removed with a cotton swab.
  3. At the third stage, they begin to dye each harness. They are in turn dismissed, divided into small strands, carefully painting over the roots. The process is the same for all zones.

The composition is kept for the time allotted in the instructions and washed off with shampoo with warm water, and at the end of the procedure, the hair must be treated with a special balm included in the set.

Important nuances of the process

We are all different - blondes, brown-haired, brunettes, red, so we have different roots in color. The technique of painting the roots of dark color has its own characteristics, and to avoid getting poor-quality results, follow the advice of professionals:

  • Give preference to a professional, high-quality paint and a 9% oxidizer, because a 12% substance or a cheap aggressive substance can, after a while of regular use, cause significant damage to the scalp, up to baldness;
  • use shading shampoo instead of the usual, or periodically tinting mask, balsam;
  • with dark, poorly lightened roots, it is better to resort to complex staining such as ombre, sombre, brondirovaniya, highlighting.

There are nuances in the dyeing of light roots at home. This, above all, getting a green shade. Avoiding trouble can be subject to the following rules:

  • To successfully color the light roots, take a shade darker than the primary color;
  • You can mix the paint with a 3% oxide, apply it to the roots, and after half an hour add a 6% or 9% substance to the paint to dye the remaining hair length, and hold for ten minutes;
  • there is a prewash technique, in which darker ends are brightened to maintain a uniform hairstyle color.

Recommendations of specialists

How to achieve the ideal and avoid an unpleasant surprise when home dyeing hair roots:

  1. Strictly observe the painting time, which is indicated on the product, as it may vary from different manufacturers, but ranges from ten to twenty minutes maximum. When overexposing the coloring composition can damage the scalp and even get a skin burn. With a dark initial tone of hair, it is applied for a longer period, and for a light one - at a minimum.
  2. Be sure to use non-metallic dishes and a comb, avoiding the reaction of metal with paint, which can lead to unpredictable color hairstyles. For the same reason, never add other ingredients such as shampoo or balm to the composition indicated by the manufacturer.
  3. Do not store the finished composition, and use immediately after preparation.
  4. Hair should be dry so that the dye is better absorbed and the effectiveness of the color does not decrease. Many experts recommend applying the tool on dirty strands.High-quality brush will better distribute the composition for a uniform color, so you should not save on it.
  5. It is recommended to rinse off with warm water rather than hot to preserve the pigment. And do not use anti-dandruff shampoos for shampoos, which have deep cleansing properties and contribute to its washing out.
  6. When using durable paint, do not wash your hair for two or three days before the procedure, and when applying a shampoo with a delicate shampoo, clean strands are required. Do not apply styling products in the form of gels, foams or varnishes before the procedure, which will reduce the absorption of paint in hair.
  7. Only durable paint, in contrast to the shading of the shampoos and semi-permanents can give the desired result, so give preference to it.
  8. Set aside for a while the use of deep repairing masks after dyeing, so as not to wash off the coloring agent. Give it a good penetration into the hair structure within two weeks. These special restrictions for colored hair do not apply.
  9. If you constantly dye your hair, then get specialized cosmetics - shampoos, masks and balms for colored hair, created to restore and preserve color.
  10. If the result is unsatisfactory, wait two weeks to not injure the hair in addition, and then start correcting mistakes.
  11. With a slight difference in roots from the main color of hair, it is advised to use bezammiachnye products, less traumatizing the structure of the hair.

Contraindications to the procedure

It is better to stop painting the roots for a while if you have:

  • cold, fever;
  • There are abrasions, scratches, wounds or skin diseases, since the paint can cause additional irritation with unpleasant sensations;
  • the hair has recently undergone a perm or lamination, therefore it is weak and needs to be repaired;
  • state of pregnancy or breastfeeding period of the baby.

It happens that the circumstances do not allow a woman to change her hair color, and the roots look unattractive and require urgent measures in order to have an attractive appearance.

But a real woman will always find a way out! Pick up a successful haircut, in advance make complex coloring such as sombra or ombre, or masking styling, use toning means or original headdresses, will create an additional volume. It’s so easy to be beautiful - you just have to want it!

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