How to draw a woman?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 12, 2013
How to draw a woman?

It is rather difficult to depict a human body, especially if it is a girl in a bikini, for example. How to draw a woman with a pencil? To make the girl's figure beautiful and proportionate, in the process of drawing it is best to observe some order. When performing a drawing, it is best to use a pattern to which you will be equal, or ask your girlfriend or girlfriend to pose for you.

Draw a woman: step by step

First you need to make a sketch of the girl's body, schematically note the location of the chest, pelvic part, head. Let's start drawing our girl's head, form an oval of the face, draw hair, try to create a hairstyle (you can draw a bang, short haircut or long curls). Now draw the facial features, draw eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, delineate the nose and shape the lips. We finish the image of the face by completing the pattern of the eyes, we finish to paint the lips.

Now we go down below, we depict the neck, shoulders, arms. Note that if the hair is long, it will cover half of the shoulders or arms.Do not forget that the top of a bikini, dress, jacket or other clothing will be located here. And how to draw a naked woman you ask? Yes, also, instead of a bikini, we simply depict the bare breasts of a beautiful round shape.

Next, draw the remaining parts of the body - we make a beautiful thin waist, outlines the hips, go down below and draw beautiful long legs. Do not forget to portray the lower part of a bikini, hem dress, skirt, pants. Once we depict a semi-nude girl, then we depict small panties in the shape of a triangle.

We finish the drawing with the image of small parts, draw the navel, draw the fingers on the hands, legs, do not forget about the nails. You can decorate our lady by putting a bracelet on your hand, inserting earrings and other costume jewelry. If the drawing is done only with a pencil, indicate how the shadows fall, make the girl's body more voluminous, alive. Erase all work lines with an eraser. Figure is ready.

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