How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

To understand how to draw a beautiful butterfly in pencil in stages, it is not necessary to be an artist. Doing the picture, you are not fluttering want to get a thick caterpillar with wings in a circle? Then this article will be useful to you. In the eyes of a surprised child, the lines on paper will gradually turn into a beautiful butterfly.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

Phased drawing of a butterfly with a pencil

Like moths fly summer moths over green lawns and city flower beds. The child looks at the beauties with admiration, and when he comes home, he tries to paint them on paper with a pencil on his own. After several unsuccessful attempts, the baby asks for your help.

How to draw a beautiful butterfly? It seems to be very simple to do, but drawing far from the original will not satisfy your inquisitive preschooler. A caterpillar with two circles instead of wings he will draw himself. The child looks at you with hope, and is waiting for a miracle. Try to follow the simple step by step instructions to feel like a real artist.

Below is a description of how to draw a butterfly in pencil in stages:
Step 1.First make a sheet layout. Conduct a thin pencil in a thin vertical line. The torso of the butterfly is painted so that the line runs exactly in the middle of the image: at the top of the head, then the chest and abdomen.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

Step 2.For the wings, you need to draw in pencil two symmetrical lines extending horizontally from the bottom of the butterfly's chest in both directions. Across the abdomen draw an arc, making it striped. Soon the butterfly will have wings, and it will become quite like real.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

Step 3.Next draw a pencil symmetrical semicircle of the lower wings of a butterfly. For the upper wings, two rays are drawn from the main horizontal lines, going upwards. On the head of the butterfly draw small dashes - this will be the antennae.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

Step 4.Now you can completely draw the upper wings, connecting the upper points of the rays with arcs to the base of the head. To check how symmetrically it was possible to draw the lower wings, spend on both sides of the body of the butterfly two beams, reaching down at the same angle. All irregularities in the picture are corrected with the help of an eraser and a pencil.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

Step 5.Finish drawing in stages, decorating the moth at will.They erase extra markings on the body, which helped create a symmetrical pattern. The edges of the wings do more rounded and relief. Draw large eyes and curved antennae with a pencil.

How to draw a butterfly with a pencil: step by step

A beautiful pattern on the wings of a moth can be seen in nature or painted by yourself.

On a note! It is important to ensure that the pattern is symmetrical on the right and left wing.

Scientists believe that 100,000 described species of Lepidoptera are only half of those on Earth. The other half of the beautiful moths, unknown to humans, may well resemble the butterfly you want to draw.

The most interesting thing about drawing a butterfly in pencil in stages is a wide variety of options. Beautiful moths are distinguished not only by the patterns on the wings, but also by the shape - in moths, cabbages and machaonas they are different in shape and size. The butterfly can fly, sit on a beautiful flower or flutter on a sheet of paper in a multi-colored dance. Such drawing is a great exercise for the development of children's imagination. You performed a miracle - you helped your child draw a butterfly step by step with a pencil, and now do not interfere with his further work.

Video for children how to draw a beautiful butterfly

Another interesting idea about how to draw a real butterfly in stages, not using the layout of the sheet. If it doesn't work out the first time, don't worry. Having some experience in drawing, you can see all the proportions on the eye, create a picture quickly and easily, as in this video.

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