How to diet for arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory disease in the synovial membrane of the joints. The disease can occur in an acute form, and then go into the chronic stage. A diet for arthritis is needed to correct and alleviate the course of the disease, to reduce the flow of "bad" nutrients, provoking inflammatory reactions. In chronic arthritis, nutrition should be dosed, not excessive and balanced. The set of products must be such that:

  • overweight was reduced, as in case of obesity the joints, especially the knee, are too stressed;
  • the body received all the nutrients it needed;
  • animal fats and proteins were minimized.

It is important to note that in inflammatory diseases of the joints, especially in rheumatoid arthritis, it is impossible to stimulate the immune system without the prescription of the attending rheumatologist. Therefore, the inclusion in the menu in high doses of products that "improve" the general immunity is not recommended.In addition, for any kind of arthritis, excesses are dangerous, such as coffee, strong tea, sweets and, of course, alcohol.

Can with arthritis

The diet of a person suffering from arthritis must include fish, dairy products, whole grain cereals (barley, brown rice, buckwheat) and a large amount of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Fish should choose marine, fatty varieties rich in protein, polyunsaturated acids such as Omega-3, Omega-6. These essential acids are found in natural olive, linseed and mustard oils. The human body is not able to produce fatty acids such as linoleic, arachidonic, and only receives them from food. However, with arthritis, these are very important acids, they have a pronounced anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating effect on the body, and are involved in regulating metabolism and water balance. PUFAs help people protect the cardiovascular system, affect the endocrine system.

Cooking fish are advised to alternate with seafood dishes. It is worth expanding your cookbook with recipes of dishes with squids, scallops, mussels.People suffering from diseases of the joints need to practice not one fish day a week, but at least two to three times more.

Doctors recommend actively eating vegetables and fruits with a pronounced antioxidant effect. These include vegetables and fruits-record holders for the content of vitamins B, C, K such as Bulgarian pepper, carrots, celery and berries (cranberries, blueberries, lingonberries). From the berries it is advised to prepare juice, from rosehip - decoction. On the table, a person with arthritis should regularly have simple salads made from fresh, affordable vegetables, such as stalked celery, fresh cucumbers, and sweet peppers. It is better to fill this salad with a mixture of unrefined olive or sunflower oil with the addition of flaxseed. Instead of table salt, it is better to drop some good quality soy sauce.

Not for arthritis

In arthritis, it is strictly not recommended to consume animal meat, especially in the acute phase of the disease. Under the ban are raw smoked and dried sausages, strong broth, roast, canned food. Replace heavy animal protein with dietary meat, for example, rabbit meat, lean chicken or turkey.The bird can be consumed only in a boiled form in a small amount. This will saturate the body with animal protein and at the same time keep uric acid levels normal.

Strictly dose and, if possible, reduce the amount of salt in dishes. It is noticed that sore joints do not "love" salt. Instead of sugar in tea, it is better to put honey in a small amount.

It is necessary to limit the number of spirits, such as strong coffee, black tea, and also completely eliminate alcoholic beverages.

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