How to dial an extension number?

December 6, 2012
How to dial an extension number?

Today, almost every large enterprise organizes proper and well-coordinated work by introducing so-called extension numbers. The extension number is a certain numeric identifier assigned to a specific line of the enterprise, for example, to a specific department. So, you may notice that the phone of the company where you need to call consists of two parts. The first one will mean the main phone number of the company, the second one (usually indicated in brackets) will be the same extension number that will connect you to the necessary department or person. Not everyone has experienced this or not everyone succeeds, therefore we will tell you how to dial the extension number correctly.

Extension: Dialing Rules

To get started, dial the main phone number. Usually, the words of the answering machine follow, which lists all the available extensions, so that a person can choose what he needs and call him. Answering machine need to listen to the end!

Next, you need to transfer the phone (if it is not transferred) to tone mode. Tone mode is a dialing mode, when you hear beeps of a certain tone (different for different numbers) when you press the phone buttons. Another mode - impulse - is when you dial clicks of a certain length (the higher the number, the longer the clicks). There are two ways to connect tone mode. The first - on the device itself there is a special button (maybe from the back) "Pulse-Tone". We need to be Tone. The second way: after listening to the answering machine, press the asterisk "*" on the device (among the numbers, usually below). You will hear a distinctive switching sound, give the phone time to switch.

After switching to the tone mode, start entering the extension number on the phone (you do not need to reset, just dial the number). You will hear each time you press the dial button (tone), this will mean that you are doing everything right.

Happens, on automatic telephone exchange there is a failure, you can be connected incorrectly. It's okay, just ask the person to whom you got to dial the extension number and switch you to where you want. As a rule, employees of the company are concerned about the reputation of the organization and will treat your situation with understanding.

If you need to call using this scheme, it is better to use a regular phone, as it’s not always possible to dial an extension number from a mobile. Plus, the money for the call will be read from the very beginning of the connection with the answering machine.

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