How to decorate the interior of the apartment in the Spanish style

The degree of saturation of colors and the variety of textures should be in harmony with the space of the room. If its windows overlook the sunny side, it is advisable to do with minimal wall decoration and the use of pastel shades. Under natural lighting, outwardly restrained decorative techniques will play with cheerful colors.
In Spain, as elsewhere in the Mediterranean, the colors of the coast are widely used. Snow white and blue - a noble combination of colors. It can create a cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Here or in the living room, a skillfully composed combination of various shades of wood will also look advantageous.
The Spanish approach to the zoning of space, you can implement in the arrangement of the kitchen. It is brightly characterized by open shelves, racks. With this design, everything is always at hand. And in the decoration of the kitchen is the use of stone.
Marble floors or more budget stoneware significantly freshen the atmosphere. You can achieve the same effect using different metal surfaces. A serving table located under the main worktop can be an ingenious solution for compact space. And instead of the usual chairs, you can choose the bar.
Furniture choose such extravagant forms, what you want. As decorative elements you can place in the rooms both objects of art and antiques. And if you can skillfully combine all this, the interior will be truly Spanish.

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