How to decorate the facade of a building or house for the New Year?

Decorating the facade of the house is a serious and responsible matter, because, in fact, this is the “face” of your home, which is seen not only by every visitor, but even by a passerby. The facade of the house, without fail, must be stylish, harmonious and fashionable, because it is he who speaks of the taste and status of its owners, creates the first impression about them.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, it has recently become popular to decorate their homes, not only inside but also outside, thus creating a festive impression and mood, even without entering the house.

It must be said that this tradition, still very young, came to us from Western countries, where all kinds of holiday home decoration is used not only for the New Year, but also for other holidays. To create a real fairy tale and beautifully decorate the facade of your house, you will need to try, of course, this is not an easy task, but, nevertheless, very exciting, in which all family members can take part.

By the way, if you are worried that you will not be able to cope with the decor on your own, do not worry, there are many companies specifically for this purpose that offer their services in this area. Find the one you like best: look at their work in photos, chat with designers and designers, then make a decision.

New Year's design of facades

I must say that the most popular design of the facades of buildings for the holidays were and remain, multi-colored light garlands. Lively flickering lights - quickly and accurately create the necessary atmosphere, raise the mood and cause the kindest emotions.

Particularly relevant is a similar design for owners of offices, shops, cafes, shopping boutiques and any other buildings of the service sector. The fact is that in winter the light day is very short, it gets dark quickly and the attractive building during the day becomes gray and inconspicuous at night.

Beautiful lighting design will fix this flaw: the decorated facade always attracts people's attention. Registration with the help of garlands is perfect not only for public buildings, but also for private country houses.

Today, more and more often, following Western trends, the owners of country houses are trying to decorate their house and land for the holidays, naturally, I want to show off with originality and freshness of ideas. As we have already said, night illumination is actively used for these purposes: it decorates roofs, window and doorways, balconies, canopies, walls, and even nearby territory.

Everything can be done in one color, for example, silvery, and can use a wide range of colors, through which the house will shimmer with all sorts of lights.

As you probably know, garlands can be different: both in style and quality. Perhaps the most popular is the LED design: the result is a very expressive, bright and, importantly, safe picture, because such illumination has a high frost and moisture resistance, which is not out of place, because it will hang on the street.

In addition, LED design - it is also a very economical solution, because they have the function of energy saving, which is very appropriate due to the long New Year holidays.

Festive illumination can be done in different ways: in the form of solid garlands that surround part of the building, have the form of a grid or a hanging rain, which is poured in different colors. LED figures look very interesting, which can be hung, both on the walls of a building and on trees, bushes or a fence.

Figures can have the form of snowflakes, stars, icicles, balls, and so on. Beautiful and original look frame three-dimensional sculptures: LED garlands are fixed on the metal frame. Again, the figures can be very different: festive deer, silhouettes of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or Santa Claus, as well as other Christmas attributes such as balls or gift boxes.

How to decorate the facade with your own hands?

If you do not want to resort to the help of special companies, then you can cope with the decoration of the facade of your home on your own: it will turn out nice and inexpensive. Illumination can be bought on the Internet, most importantly, make sure that it is of high quality - it is a question of your safety. What else can you think of?

Start from the front door or wicket: you can hang a Christmas wreath on them.They are easy to find on sale or do it yourself with the help of fir branches, cones, ribbons, tinsel and other Christmas paraphernalia. If the street is very cold, you can decorate the gate with an original ice wreath or a figure of a snowman woven from twigs.

Windows and doorways are easily decorated with fir branches, garlands, serpentine, bows and plastic toys (balls, stars, snowflakes, and so on). An excellent decoration of your territory will be a real live tree, decorated with toys and garlands. If there is no such on the site, you can buy a Christmas tree in a container, dress it up, and, as spring comes in, land on the site.

Interesting look various figures and toys that can be hung along the stairs, on the branches of trees or ornamental shrubs. By the way, they are easy and simple to make with your own hands from improvised means: plastic, foil, artificial snow and even ice! Ice toys, by the way, are very simple to do, though, they will be relevant only if it is cold outside.

Pour water tinted with watercolors into plastic cups, add a little tinsel and do not forget to insert a small thread during the freezing process, with the help of which you can later hang it.As you can see, there is nothing complicated, fantasize, and the play of light and ice will quickly help you create a festive mood!

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