How to decorate a group in a kindergarten by the New Year

New Year is the time of miracles for many, but children especially like this holiday. Sparkling snow, a pleasant expectation of gifts from Santa Claus, the feeling of an approaching tale - all this creates excitement in the child's soul. On New Year's Eve it is very important to prepare for the holiday, to create the right atmosphere with the help of various decorations and decorations. In this article we will talk about how to decorate a group in kindergarten for the New Year, because it is in the kindergarten that the crumb spends quite a large part of his time.

General recommendations

In the decorative design of the group should take part not only adults. Be sure to involve children in this process. This will help them to show imagination, to feel their importance and to assess the responsibility assigned to them. In addition, children are much more careful about what they do with their own hands.

A simple and cheap way to decorate a kindergarten is to use balloons.Here you can not only play with flowers, but also put on the surface of the balls of certain drawings that correspond to the theme of the holiday. And if you fill balls with helium, they do not even need to look for a place. You can just let them hang from the ceiling.

Pupils of the kindergarten can independently cut garlands of paper or draw snowflakes on the glasses with toothpaste. Such materials as colored paper, New Year's rain or even empty green plastic bottles can be made into small Christmas trees and arranged in the whole group.
Showing imagination, you will be able to decorate the room without extra costs and create a festive mood.

How to decorate the door

It is this element of the interior - the first thing that pays attention to the incoming. There are several ways to design the door:

  1. From colored paper cut 3 circles of different sizes and glue them to the surface so that the snowman turned out. From a paper of suitable colors, make a snowman a bucket on the head, nose, carrot and hands-branches. Eyes and a smile, you can just draw. The snow man can also be made from the Christmas rain - so it will be more brilliant and noticeable.
  2. The door in the older groups can be decorated with luminous garlands and Christmas tree balls. It is only important to ensure that such toys are made not of glass, but of plastic or any other safe material.
  3. The Christmas wreath is considered to be the best Christmas decoration of the door. It can be bought or made with your own hands from thick wire, Christmas-tree rain and artificial holly.

How to decorate the walls

If the group is not large enough, it is unlikely to put a Christmas tree in such a room. But it can be portrayed on the wall! Cut out of colored paper, made of real fir branches or simply painted - it will decorate the room and bring a touch of festive mood.

Decorating lockers

This element of the interior also should not be ignored. Suggest that the kids personally make an application on the New Year theme and paste the resulting creation on the locker of each child. Periodically looking at his work, the crumb will be proud.

Older children can hang on the door one by one socks for gifts from Santa. To make socks, engage the parents.On the eve of the New Year, fill this wardrobe item with sweets, tangerines and other sweets.

We decorate the windows

You can arrange the glass in different ways. For example, you can attach snowflakes cut from white paper to them, or you can draw a Christmas tree from a rain on the window. You can also use toothpaste to draw New Year’s drawings. Now it is very common to use artificial snow to decorate glasses, however, it is better to refuse to use such a tool in kindergarten, so that children do not have allergies.

So, we gave you some tips on how to decorate a group in kindergarten before the New Year. You can use the above recommendations or show imagination and come up with something of their own.

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