How to create your e-mail

Although every second person in our country uses the Internet, but not everyone knows how to create your e-mail. This is not surprising, of course, the process is quite simple, but people simply do not know all the advantages and merits of e-mail. Someone just can not decide where to start mail, because the range is quite large, and each service has its pros and cons.

In this article you will learn how to create your e-mail without any help on the best mail services that are on the Internet. After reading, you can decide where to create an email is easier, where it is more convenient, and learn about the characteristics of some of the services. Maybe you even sign up everywhere, test your mail for a while, and then decide on a choice.

How to create your email for free

To begin with it is necessary to address to Yandex. No one doubts the popularity of this search engine, which means you can trust it. Mail is not the only service that Yandex offers, so pay attention to all the utility, maybe you will find something interesting for yourself. Yandex conducts research and constantly updates the design and structure of the mail.

Create e-mail on Yandex

It can take a long time to mark between the choice of e-mail, but in one Yandex nobody will overtake. Convenience and intuitive visibility - the main advantages of the service. All the necessary elements are at hand, no need to perform routine work every time you want to find something. It is worth getting mail once, and you do not want to delete it. There is nothing superfluous, everything is structured and clean, order reigns everywhere.


Let's start creating your e-mail


  1. Go to the main page where the e-mail registration form is located. It is located in the left column, in a conspicuous place (as mentioned earlier, everything is intuitive). Now click on the link “Create a mailbox” and proceed to the next step.
  2. You will see the start window, which is the main one. Here you must enter your details in the fields provided. The first two fields are responsible for the name and surname, respectively. Often ordinary users enter here false data, it's not forbidden. But it is worth noting that based on the entered data, the system will automatically offer you the generated nickname, not just one, but a whole set. They are required to enter your page, in addition, this login will remain on all Yandex services.After registration, you will not be able to change your nickname, but you can create a new mail. Of course, it's not at all necessary to use the suggested login options, you can come up with and write your own, unless it's been taken up by you. The robot will perform some actions and will issue the results regarding the employment of the login. Click the Next button and registration will continue.
  3. This stage is very important and concerns your protection. You need to come up with a password for your email client. Enter your password, which was invented in advance in the upper field. By the way, before choosing a password, you should read the recommendations on choosing a password offered by Yandex. The most important thing in the password is its reliability, which is why Yandex automatically checks it and issues a result with respect to the password strength. After yandex confirms your password and displays a positive result, you can enter it in the next field (confirmation of the password). This field is intended to avoid inaccuracies when entering.
  4. Another security issue. After completing the steps, the service will ask you to choose the answer to your secret question. This question is given in case of loss of data from the account, i.e.if you lose your password, Yandex will ask you to answer your secret question. There are more than ten different questions on the page, besides you can ask your own. After you decide on a choice of a question, enter the answer to it in the field below. It is better to choose a question and answer on an intuitive level, i.e. ask the question to which you will never be able to forget the answer, it can be your address or nickname at work, or it may be the brand of car that you have. In general, the answer should always be in your memory, not on a piece of paper.
  5. Next, the system prompts you to enter a numeric or alphabetic value to confirm that you are a human, not a robot. This condition is required. You can also fill in optional fields, such as a mobile phone or a second mailbox. Almost everyone wants to leave their additional e-mail, but people prefer to keep their phone number with them. Most likely, this is due to the abundance of mailboxes and the crisis of phones. Of course, if you have dozens of emails, why not reinsure, and the phone is one, and no one needs extra spam on the mobile. That is why, this is an optional condition. Click "Next."
  6. Finally you have reached the finish line, and the system congratulates you and offers to record and save the registration data. Next you are given a choice. You can immediately start using your new e-mail or add information about yourself. To do this, enter your gender and date of birth. By the way, Yandex sends cards for your holiday, which can please.

This registration is over, if you want to learn how to create an email on other services, then read on. Registration will not differ in anything critical, but still it is worth paying attention to it.



How to create e-mail on



It's time for another search engine, which provides an opportunity to create your own e-mail. In addition, there are still Gmail and Rambler, but for some reason they are less in demand than this one. Gmail is actively used in educational institutions, and if you are in this, then you need to get mail there. But the mandatory input of a mobile phone scares off many users.

A Rambler does not guarantee the preservation of all data. It was repeatedly intended to sell it, develop it, and then alter it altogether, so let’s focus on


  1. First of all, go to this link and start registering a new account.As mentioned earlier, the registration procedure is almost the same as the previous one. The difference is that all the data can be entered on one page, rather than on Yandex. It is very convenient. Also, if you have any questions, be sure to go to a special section. Here you will find a lot of useful information, as well as an answer to the question how to delete your email.
  2. Now it's up to you. It remains only to fill in all the fields one by one. The first and second fields are the user's first and last name. Just like Yandex, this service will offer a choice of a list of logins based on this data, therefore it is recommended to enter real data. Maybe you want to find relatives or friends. By the way, offers an excellent service My World, you should look at it.
  3. Next, specify the place of residence, gender and birthday. You do not need to enter this information, and if you do not fill in these fields now, you can do this later.
  4. The time has come for the most important part of registration — entering a login and password. Just like in yandex, choose a good username and a strong password. Here reliability is indicated by keys. If the password is good, then 3 green keys will be displayed.In the password, use numbers and letters of different register, it will not allow the attacker to hack your mailbox. The question of how to create your e mail is almost closed, there are very few. Pay attention to the bottom of the page. Here you will see a special field for entering a mobile phone, not for additional questions. An inattentive user can enter his real number, but the attentive one will necessarily click on the link “I do not have a mobile phone”, after which he will see other fields that are already provided for entering a secret question and answer
  5. Carefully review and verify the entered data. If you do not want to register automatically with My World, then clear the check mark. Next, click on the button "Register". Next, a small window will appear where you must enter the required numbers, after which your account will be registered. In the incoming messages you will already be waiting for a few letters of congratulations.


A modern person simply needs e-mail. In our world, a lot of business is conducted online, which is why we need the means to communicate, and what could be better than reliable and convenient email.Together with registration you get reliable protection of your data and messages, anti-virus scanning, the ability to share videos, photos and other files.

How many emails do you have?

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