How to create stunning dresses in fashion houses all over the world

Fashion houses every year amaze with their trends in the choice of fabrics, textures and embroidery jewelry. Creating a collection - a huge work of designers, fashion designers, craftsmen, and embroiderers. I want to introduce you to incredible mistresses who turn beads, sequins, feathers, stones, rhinestones and other materials into amazing embroidery.

We see a beautiful picture and do not even imagine how much manual labor is invested in every centimeter of fabric. So let's plunge into this mysterious world of fashion and look at it from the inside.
Let's start, perhaps, with the collection of Chanel spring-summer 2017. All dresses are embroidered by hand, the accuracy of embroidery is amazing.

But a collection of dresses in 2016.

Also a collection of Chanel, only the autumn-winter season 2017 year.

Now look at the fashion house Christian Dior.

On the video, the whole process of creating a dress from a sketch to the last strokes.

We now turn to the Australian fashion house MISCHKA AOKI Craftsmanship.

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