How to create a WoW server?

World of Warcraft now know almost everyone who has a personal computer at home. There are legends about this game. Millions of people spend almost whole days in the game, filling themselves with levles and other game currency. For many years, WoW is probably the most popular and discussed game in the world, so the demand for various instructions on how to configure a particular component is huge. In my article, I will try to tell in plain language, even for users who do not understand computers, how to properly configure an unofficial local or Internet server on your computer. How to create a WoW server?

It is possible that you have already prepared for the fact that the setting will take you a huge amount of time and nerves. In fact, it is not. Creating a server is quite an easy task and almost all the actions have been done for you by the developers. For the most part, you only have to press the “Next” button and sometimes enter data (logins, passwords and standard values ​​for the game).

Let's first talk about the implementation of your server, or rather, what software we will use to solve this problem.The most popular server for the game World Of Warcraft is now a cross-platform solution called Mangos. What does cross-platform mean? This means that this program can be run on any operating system. Mangos is completely free and distributed under a free license, so it imposes a small restriction on the user. The most significant is a ban on the use for commercial purposes. This means that you cannot use a server based on this solution to make money.

Instructions: how to create a WoW server?

So, it's time to create your own server.

  1. First you need to download the Mangos assembly from the Internet. I advise you to do this on the official website. This will protect our computer from viruses and other bad things.
  2. If you downloaded rar (zip) archive with the program, then you need to unpack it. After unpacking or if you immediately downloaded without an archive, go to the Denwer folder and click Run. This will launch the database and the server itself. For the future: the folder also contains the Stop and Restart files, which mean stopping and restarting the server, respectively.
  3. Now we need to change the database a little. For this we need a program called Navicat. Download and install? Excellent. Run it.We find in the Connection menu, and enter the Connection name: localhost, leave the field labeled port intact, but fill in the username and password (which means login and password) with the data that you entered in the last paragraph when the server started.
  4. If you have done everything successfully, then now we need to create 4 databases. Their name: mangos, realmd, characters, scriptdev2. How to do it? You need to right-click and select New Database. In the window that opens, you will need to enter the name of the database. Yes, in order to drive in each name, you will have to click the right mouse button 4 times and open a window.
  5. So, we have done the bulk of the work and you can say that the server itself is already there. But do not hurry. Now we need to copy the cards from the game to our site. To do this, we will have to use a program called Extractor, which is already on our computer. Where? In the place where you unpacked the server itself, that is, Mangos. As soon as you enter this folder, look for a subfolder called Extractor or Extractor. There will be many different files that we will need. Copy all these files to the clipboard and transfer them all to the folder where World Of Warcraft itself is installed.
  6. Run the ad.exe file. After its execution we will have 3 more folders.You should safely delete the folder with the name “building”, otherwise we will not be able to play on our new server. But the other two folders, which are called maps and dbc, you need to move to the mangos folder.
  7. Now we have the longest part in the installation process. Run the file makevmaps_SIMPLE.BAT and you can safely go to make yourself some tea or maybe even eat. This file is optional, but it is important, as it will help you get rid of many errors and glitches that you might encounter.
  8. After the program from the last item has finally finished its work, we once again need to delete the building folder.
  9. We need to transfer the vmaps folder to the mangos server folder.
  10. The last item that will answer the question: how to create a WoW server! Remember, I was talking about files that are located in the denwer folder? Remember about them! In order for all changes we made to take effect, click on the program called Restart. This will restart our own server and allow you to accept all changes. Now you know how to create a WoW server.

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