How to cook venison?

Nowadays, in order to feast on venison, there is no need to go into the woods to hunt - deer have long been tamed, they are well bred in specialized farms, and their meat is fresh, and more often in frozen form is supplied to many stores. Therefore, anyone can taste a venison dish, for this it is only necessary to buy a suitable piece of meat and cook it correctly.

Basic rules and methods of cooking venison

There are two types of venison on sale - reindeer meat and red deer meat. Features of cooking venison is largely due to its low fat content.

General cooking rules

  • Before cooking, venison is usually marinated. Marinate venison is better in small pieces, but if you are marinating the meat in a large piece, keep it in the marinade for at least 24 hours.
  • The classic marinade for venison consists of water, wine or vinegar, herbs and spices. In more detail about ways of marinating meat is described in our article How to Marinate Meat.
  • Marinade is made unsalted, venison is salted just before cooking. It is better to use coarse salt for this.
  • The best spices for venison are ground black pepper, juniper berries, and herbs (cumin, marjoram, rosemary).
  • In chopped products add a little pork fat - it makes meatballs, sausages or crumbs more juicy.
  • Usually venison is served with sauce. Sour wild berries, such as cranberries or lingonberries, cherries, mushrooms and heavy cream, are best combined with venison.
  • Venison steaks can not be overcooked. During frying, they must be constantly watered with fat.
  • Before cooking, venison is carefully cleaned of films and grease, which has a specific flavor.

Methods for cooking venison

Before roasting, venison slices are marinated for several hours, and then in the cooking process they are often watered with oil. But still it is better not to fry the venison, but to stew, boil or cook all kinds of products made from chopped venison (meatballs, sausages, crumbs, etc.). Deer carcass cut about as well as beef. The method of cooking venison should be chosen according to which part of the carcass you bought.

  • The tenderloin is the most delicate and delicate part of the reindeer carcass. The tenderloin can be baked in the oven entirely and served with cranberry or cherry sauce, from it you can cook carpaccio, medallions with mushrooms or slices of venison in batter;
  • Loin A brisket cut into individual rib-cutlets is ideal for grilling or barbecuing;
  • Spatula. The pulp from the spatula is good to use for the preparation of chopped products;
  • Ham. Ham is suitable for cooking in one large piece or for cooking roasts, stews or deer meat, sliced ​​and stewed in pots;
  • Sirloin is suitable for cooking kebabs, roasting in the oven or for stewing.

How to cook venison steaks


  1. One kilogram of deer loin cut across the grain and make eight steaks out of it.
  2. Steak well, beat them, richly grease them with vegetable oil, sprinkle with coarse salt, crushed juniper berries and coarsely ground black pepper.
  3. Cover the steaks with a film and leave them on the cutting board for at least an hour.
  4. Put a thick-walled pan (cast-iron or non-stick coated) on the stove and heat it well.Pour some butter into the pan and fry the steaks in it. Fry them should be from two to four minutes on each side, depending on the desired degree of roasting (two minutes - steak with blood, 4 minutes - well-done steak).
  5. Put the finished steaks on the dish immediately and serve with berry sauce (cranberry or cherry), lingonberry jam or red currant jelly.

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