How to cook millet porridge on water, milk, with a pumpkin, a child

How to cook millet porridge

How to cook millet porridge

Millet porridge benefits and harm



In Russia, millet porridge has long gained popularity, especially among those gourmands who know how to cook it properly. There is also a category of people who consider this porridge absolutely useless or even not tasty, and therefore they cook it very rarely. In fact, there is goodness and harm in the product of millet porridge, as in any other way and in any other, and it can be cooked in various ways according to personal taste preferences.


The benefits of millet porridge lies in its following properties:


  1. It has lipotropic action, which helps to remove toxins and toxins from the body as quickly as possible. Suitable for inclusion in the diet menu for everyone who wants to lose extra pounds. It is also recommended to use people taking antibiotics.
  2. Contains beneficial microelements for the organism, such as: iron, fluorine, copper,magnesium, as well as a sufficient amount of fiber, which is useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system, bones, hair, teeth and the digestive system.
  3. It has restorative properties and therefore is useful for children and adults with poor health.


Harm of millet porridge can manifest itself only in case of its excessive use. But although there are much more useful properties in porridge, it is necessary to take into account the fact that it can be contraindicated in some cases. For example, if the acidity in the body is reduced, then crumbly millet porridge is not recommended to be often included in the diet. The reason for this is the polysaccharides contained in it, which are rather difficult for the body to digest in the inflamed intestines. In this case, this porridge must be very well cooked, to a viscous consistency. In addition, in order for porridge to show all its beneficial properties, it is necessary to know how to cook millet porridge correctly.And in order to get tasty millet porridge as a result of cooking, it is not so much important in what way it is cooked: with water or milk and with what additives, but onlyneed to master a few culinary secrets.


How to cook millet porridge on the water



Millet porridge cooked in water is considered to be lean, unless of course meat products have been added to it. It is prepared quite simply.


How to cook millet porridge on the water

How to cook millet porridge on the water


In order to learn how to cook millet porridge in water, you need to adhere to the following points when preparing it:


  • The amount of cereal, in the case that crumbly wheat porridge is prepared, is taken in proportion to water one to two, but if the desired result is a liquid or a crumbly consistency, then water should be taken 3-5 times more.
  • Before you start preparing the dish itself, it is very important to wash the grits thoroughly several times with running water.
  • After that, the wheat is poured with water, put on the fire and boiled until boiling.
  • As soon as the porridge begins to boil, it is necessary to remove it from the stove, drain the water and pour cold water over it again. This is done in order to leave her unpleasant bitterness, and she became more tender and pleasant to the taste.
  • After the porridge is put back on medium heat, it is boiled with the lid open until most of the water is absorbed.At the same time it is necessary during cooking that you must not forget to stir it periodically. Then the fire is reduced to the minimum, salt and sugar and millet porridge are added to taste.acooked until done.
  • After the porridge has cooked, it should be infused. To do this, if the porridge is cooked for a lean table, vegetable oil is added to it, and if not, then butter, you can also add a glass of milk if desired, and the porridge is left to stand on the stove under the lid closed for 30 minutes.


The calorie content of millet porridge prepared in this way is very small and amounts to about 70 kilocalories per hundred grams of product.


How to cook millet porridge with milk



Millet porridge cooked in milk canlook like liquid milk soup, or like a thick razvararyy gruel. In the first and second case, it turns out very tasty and quite high in calories.



How to cook millet porridge with milk

How to cook millet porridge with milk


Cook the millet porridge on the milk in the following sequence:


  • Millet is prepared in the same way as for porridge on water.
  • Then mix 1 glass of water with two glasses of milk, and this mixture is put on the fire until boiling.
  • After which it adds a glass of wheat cereal.
  • It is very important to know that the porridge with milk must be cooked over very low heat and stir frequently. This is done in order to avoid rapid evaporation of milk and so that the porridge does not burn. In milk millet porridge, like barley porridge, razvarivaetsya much slower than in water and due to this it turns out much tastier, rich and more appetizing.
  • At the moment when the croup becomes softer, the fire should be reduced to a minimum, cover the pan, and then leave the porridge on the stove for another 15-20 minutes. Oil can be added before serving, putting it on each plate. It should be borne in mind that the millet porridge goes very well with butter, and the more you add it, the tastier the porridge will turn out.


Due to the above principles, telling how to cook millet porridge in milk, the dish is always tasty and nutritious.


How to cook millet porridge with pumpkin



Millet porridge with pumpkin is very tasty and, most importantly, useful. Cook it should be based on the basic principles of its preparation on the water. The easiest way to prepare pumpkin-millet porridge is the following recipe:


  • Pre-peeled pumpkin, rubbed on a coarse grater, put into a saucepan, filled with cool water or milk in a ratio of 1: 2 and cooked for 15 minutes.
  • The washed millet is poured in water and cooked until half-ready.
  • After that, the cooked millet is again washed and mixed with milk and pumpkin.
  • Then, the mixture is put on the fire and brought to a boil.
  • After that, boil over low heat and often stir.


If you want to cook a sweeter dish, it is very important, before cooking the millet porridge with pumpkin, make sure that the pumpkin gruel is sweet and, if necessary, add a little sugar to it.





How to cook millet porridge baby



Before embarking on the cooking process itself, it is important to figure out how to make millet porridge for a child.and at what age to start cooking it. Despite the fact that cereal from millet groats is very useful for children, it’s necessary to start including it in the baby’s diet only from two years old, since it contains some gluten, which is rather difficult to digest and can even cause an allergic reaction.Best of all, buckwheat porridge will be suitable for the first feeding. In order not to discourage the child from the desire to eat millet porridge, it is very important to prepare it properly and to begin to give it in small quantities, constantly watching the reaction to it of your baby’s body.


It is very important when preparing a product such as millet porridge for children to consider the following points:


  • Millet should be very thoroughly washed. This is done at least 6 times.
  • It is necessary to get rid of unpleasant bitterness. For this, millet is filled with boiling water or boiled in a large amount of water, which is more efficient.
  • The porridge must be boiled down to a viscous consistency, or it can be made more thin so that it is easier to pass through a blender, and it is much easier for the child to absorb.
  • For more interesting taste in porridge can be supplemented with various additives. Pshenka is very well combined with honey, jam, various fruit or fruit purees, as well as cottage cheese.



You can also cook millet porridge in the oven or a slow cooker, which will give it a more savory taste.

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