How to congratulate a man on his birthday

How to congratulate a man on his birthday

How to congratulate a man on his birthday

Despite the fact that the stereotype about the severity and endurance of the stronger sex is very common compared to the weak, men often accept gifts and greetings with the same pleasure. Therefore, it is important to think through every detail: congratulations should leave a pleasant trace in the memories of the head of the family, especially against the background of dull and gray routine. Then choose beautiful and funny sms congratulations on the birthday of the man in verse and prose, and if you want to congratulate unusually - audio congratulations and pranks on your mobile phone there too.


Find the right words: not all men love “calf tenderness”, therefore they are unlikely to understand and appreciate long congratulatory speeches and overly “feminine” lines. Say a little: from the heart and only the most important.


When planning a celebration, consider all factors: the profession of a man, his tastes, hobbies and passions. Try to bring as much unusual as possible to the party: do something thematic, invite old friends, or arrange a concert with the performance of his favorite songs.


In the event that a man leads an active, healthy lifestyle, and was born in the summer months, go the day before the holiday with the whole family on a hike with an overnight stay. What could be better than to meet the next year of life, waking up in a tent in the fresh air under the chirping of birds and the rustle of foliage? The ear of the fish that has just been caught and the love of the family will long be remembered by men for this beautiful day.


Also, the hero of the occasion will be extremely pleased if you rent a sauna or a Russian bath for him and friends. All my life, men need such “bachelor parties” and once a year you can spend a little money.


Finally, give your beloved boy all sorts of pleasant little things throughout the day: accessories for the car, work accessories, tools or sweets. The spectrum of possibilities is limited only by your imagination, so do not be afraid to experiment. The main thing is that everything should be done with sincere love and care.

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