How to clean up the stock

You will need
  • - warehouse space;
  • - racks;
  • - electronic warehouse management system;
  • - mechanisms for moving goods through the warehouse.
Reschedule warehouse space if necessary. Plan your storage in such a way as to ensure unimpeded passage and passage to each storage position. Try to calculate the approach and approach ways in such a way that, on the one hand, they do not make them too narrow and inconvenient for maneuver during loading and unloading of goods, and on the other hand, that the access roads are not too wide and do not “eat” the usable storage area .
Calculate the allowable storage height of goods in your warehouse. This height depends on the specifics of the goods stored in the warehouse. Organize the racks in such a way as to maximize the use of the warehouse in height and at the same time do not create the threat of damage to the goods.
Number or otherwise link parts of the warehouse premises to a specific alphanumeric classification.Section numbers can be numbered both on the basis of product classification and on the breakdown of a warehouse into zones.
Keep an electronic accounting system in stock. This measure will significantly increase the efficiency of its work, will allow to monitor its work at any time and, accordingly, always be aware of the availability of a product in stock. Link the numbering of your warehouse pallets to electronic accounting.
Do not allow warehouse employees to be in its territory unnecessarily.

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