How to clean drywall walls

Drywall Wall Cleaning

Cleaning of walls is carried out at the stage of preparation for finishing. The walls are cleaned of large debris, and then of dust. If wallpaper has already been glued to the plasterboard walls, it is impossible to remove them without damaging the paper covering of the plates, in most cases this leads to the need to replace damaged sections of material. It is not necessary to wash the walls, you only need to remove the dust with a damp, well-wrung cloth. Strong dirt spots can be removed with a regular eraser (wash). After cleaning, drywall sheets are degreased with a special compound, which is applied in one layer with a paint roller. The next stage is priming. To do this, use a special mixture, they are also applied in a single layer with a paint roller.

Plasterboard plasterboard walls

After priming the walls need to putty. Before applying the putty, make sure that the primer is completely dry, otherwise there will not be a strong adhesion of the sheet with wallpaper or other finish. Work requires spatulas - wide, narrow and angular.The narrow tool is designed to remove excess mixture from a wide, as well as for processing hard-to-reach places. Angle spatula is required for the filler corners. Special abrasive mesh will be needed for subsequent final stripping.To stir dry putty you need to stock up on a low-speed drill with a special nozzle-mixer.
The prepared mixture is collected on a spatula and applied to the wall. The layer should not be thick. The joints of drywall sheets are significant depressions in comparison with the surface of the wall, the same applies to damaged areas, so 2-4 layers of putty should be applied to these places. When applying the mixture, it is necessary to observe a uniform angle of the spatula with respect to the wall and press the tool evenly. The surface of the walls should be smooth, without visible protrusions and scratches.Special attention should be paid to the corner joints, the grooves in them must be filled with putty or special glue. Excess material is removed with a spatula or rag.
After the putty has dried, it is necessary to grind the surface. It is made in small stripes, with a width of up to one meter.The evenness of the surface is controlled by the construction level. After that, you need to clean the walls from dust, as it can hide small defects. Incorrectly applied putty must be removed with an abrasive mesh. Before sticking a layer of putty should be primed again with a special compound, wallpaper glue can be used.

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