How to choose ice cream? Tips give experts from Roskachestvo

With the arrival of warm days, ice cream is becoming one of the most popular treats. With care for ice cream lovers, experts from Roskoschestvo with recommendations on how to choose the most high-quality and tasty product.

First, pay attention to the label.

Ice cream should contain milk or cream, natural flavors and stabilizers, sugar, as well as butter and eggs. In ice cream, fat content will be from 8 to 11.6%, in ice cream - 20%, and in dairy will not exceed 7.5%. If vegetable fats were used in the production of the product, ice cream should be labeled “vegetable fat and ice cream” or “vegetable creamy ice cream”. It is cheaper ice cream.

The presence of vegetable fat affects the taste and texture of the product and is different from ice cream made with natural cream.

About stabilizers in ice cream.

Their use is necessary, as they help to keep the shape. As a natural thickener, locust bean gum (E410), guar gum (E412), xanthan gum (E415), tara gum (E417), sodium alginate (E401), pectin (E440) and others can be used. If you prefer only natural ingredients, choose ice cream made with gelatin or agar-agar.

The weight of the cup or briquette to be purchased should be in grams, not milliliters.

Next, pay attention to the appearance of ice cream. If you notice various kinds of deformation, ice crystals on the surface, this may mean that the ice cream storage conditions were violated or the product expired soon. So, its taste is already spoiled.

What will tell the color of ice cream?

The cream shade is characteristic of creamy ice cream. If there is a blotch of heterogeneous colors in the mass, then this is a sign that the sweet mass was not carefully mixed with natural additives and dyes.

And one more tip, how to check the quality of purchased ice cream. Pulling from the freezer, split off a small piece of it.If you succeeded, then you bought a high-quality, well-seasoned ice cream with a dense consistency.

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