How to choose shoes?

Properly matched shoes make the feminine look complete and perfect. At the same time, they should be not only attractive, but also comfortable and functional, because shoes are responsible for the health of the feet, their well-being.

How to choose a shoe model?

Properly chosen shoes are able to emphasize the beauty of the legs, add a few centimeters of growth and visually stretch the entire silhouette. Bulky models with massive heels always make it look heavy and vulgar. Slender and elegant shoes can make the image more feminine. As for the sock, here they play the role of sympathy and a sense of taste. If a thin long sock is perfect for your little leg, but you don’t like it, then it’s better to leave such a model on the store shelf.

Lovers shoes with a strap should have long legs, as this model visually "cuts" and shortens them. The ideal and universal model for any size and shape of the feet has always been the shoes with small comfortable heels. They are perfectly combined with skirts and pants.

Choose the optimal heel height

Women in all ages wanted to look much better than they were created by nature. Many of them try to correct her “mistakes” with the help of correct shoes, so ladies of small stature wear tall heels, wanting to be taller, and tall ladies prefer banal ballet flats that do not increase height. But it ruins the natural beauty of a woman and makes her wear shoes that she often doesn’t wear.

Remember that the lower a girl is, the less he must have heels to look proportionate and harmonious. 5-6 centimeters for this is quite enough. But 15-20 centimeter studs on it really look ridiculous.

Add more color to your image

You never need to frame yourself and wear only black or white shoes. The times of such stereotypes are long gone, now a woman should have several pairs of different colors to choose from. Be sure to buy shoes beige or flesh-colored, for example, comfortable pumps or ballet flats, which can complement any outfit.

The main rule is that the shoes should be darker on tone than all the clothes.Instead of the usual black, you can afford to wear brown, gray or blue. As for the old rule - to combine the color of the bag and shoes, you can no longer pay attention to it. Modern designers and fashion designers have ceased to focus on it, creating original and exclusive shoe models that should not have a “pair”.

Only high-quality and well-chosen shoes can highlight your personality and style. And your legs will be the object of attention and adoration of many men. Be beautiful!

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