How to choose makeup for eye color

To help in the selection of the color of the shadows you will come the color wheel (or, as it is also called, chromatic). Ideal - a combination of colors located opposite each other - contrasting colors. Also, when selecting the shadows you need to keep in mind the level of contrast of colors: if you have bright eyes, it is better not to use dark shadows, they will distract attention from the eyes themselves. And on the contrary, it is better for owners of dark eyes to refuse light shades.
There is one more secret of flawless eye makeup “in color”: if the colors of the iris pass one into the other smoothly, then the eyeliner, if you use it, should be shaded. The reverse is also true: if the transition of colors is quite sharp, the eyeliner should have a clear border and not merge with the shadows.
If you want to give your eyes expressiveness, you should draw the inner eyelid with a black pencil. But be careful - this technique visually reduces the eyes.
Make the natural eye color brighter,if you put black mascara on your eyelashes, put gray shadows on your eyelids and draw the inner eyelid with a pencil that matches the color of the iris. The gray color of the shadows is universal, it is suitable for the makeup of the eyes of all colors. The shades of gray - light and dark - perfectly emphasize the color of the eyes and make it brighter if you combine these shadows with a dark eyeliner and black mascara.

Blue and blue eyes

For blue and blue eyes, to emphasize their color, it is good to choose shades to match: silver, gray or blue. It will also look spectacular, made in olive, terracotta, golden brown, chocolate or copper shades. Here it is important to follow the rule of contrast: put the lightest shade on the inner corner of the eye and gradually move to the outermost edge of the eyelid to the darkest one. Shadows should be carefully shaded.

Green eyes

They look good on green eyes in tinted shades - gray, green, olive. If you want to achieve greater brightness and contrast, choose golden, chocolate brown, yellow and beige shades. But purple, blue and plum shadows are better not to use: they will not accentuate the eyes, but, on the contrary, will conflict with their color.

Brown eyes

Owners of brown eyes are perfect shades of gray, beige-brown and mauve palette. For brown eyes there is an unspoken rule: makeup should match the color of your clothes. If you are dressed in pastel colors, use beige shades. Bright colors in clothes require more saturated makeup, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with color.

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