How to choose clothes for pregnant

It is better to choose clothes, being guided by weather conditions, and taking into account that the stomach will still increase. All things should be lightweight, loose fit and from "breathable" fabrics (100% cotton). At home, such clothes are easy to find by digging in the wardrobe of her husband. Wide shirts and T-shirts will appeal to any pregnant woman.

The wardrobe of the future mother is better to update in specialized stores. For a business woman fit loose blouses and sweaters, as well as jackets and jackets of classic cut and flared. Skirts made of elastic fabrics can also be worn at work, they sit around the body. Knitted trousers are very comfortable, they will “grow” along with the belly due to the adjustable elastic band.

No less demanding it is necessary to approach the choice of underwear. It should be safe and practical. It is advisable to purchase special clothes for pregnant women. On it in the store must be quality certificates.Any pregnant woman wants to be confident in the environmentally friendly materials and their comfortable use.

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