How to choose and buy a binary clock

Binary watches and timing

Binary watches can be decorated in different ways, and the timing scheme also depends on the design features. There are many options, among which you need to try to choose the one that is most suitable in your case. For example, the classic version is a clock with six columns, one of which consists of 12 LEDs, and the rest are 60. The first is used to determine the hour and the month, and the others are used to calculate the minutes and numbers. To use the clock it was easier, they leave “tips” on the sides of the case, thanks to which it becomes easy to determine the number of minutes.
Another option is a binary clock that uses several different shades of LEDs. For example, a red glowing square may indicate one hour, yellow - five minutes, green - one minute. To determine the time, you need to count the number of LEDs in each color, and then carry out some simple calculations.Of course, this is not too difficult, but you still can not quickly answer the question "What time is it?"
There are accessories in which the LEDs are arranged in a semicircle. As a rule, in this case, the top 12 of them denote hours, the average 5 - the number of tens of minutes, and the bottom - the number of past minutes out of ten. These hours are complemented by a day-night indicator that allows you to determine the time of day. You can also use them to find out what day and month it is.
Finally, if you are not afraid of frequent arithmetic calculations, you can purchase a binary binary clock. They have a vertical and horizontal scale. The bottom shows the numbers 1, 2, 4 and 8, and to find out what time it is now, you need to summarize those of them, next to which the LEDs are lit. Similarly, you need to do with the numbers on the horizontal scale to determine the number of minutes. The date is also calculated arithmetically.

Additional subtleties of choosing a binary clock

It should be borne in mind for whom watches are chosen - for a man or for a woman. There are many strict and even brutal, and delicate, elegantly decorated accessories. Of course, at your service and products unisex.
Pay attention to the manufacturer. The more reliable and well-known it will be, the better, because otherwise there is a risk to purchase low-quality goods. Cheap binary clocks, alas, quickly lose their appeal and begin to hurry strongly or, on the contrary, fall behind.

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