How to choose a tile color

Blue is a classic color that is chosen by those who are afraid of experiments. It is the color of water. The color range differs in a variety of shades: from delicate pale blue to deep blue. Basically, the contrast is white. Surfacetilesalso varied: from a flat monocolor to imitation of ripples in the water. The budget option is a tile that simulates a mosaic.
Green color symbolizes nature, harmony and tranquility. In collectionstilesof thiscolorsYou can see floral ornaments in the form of large and small flowers. Fabric imitation tiles look great in a green palette. The walls are made as if covered with real silk. A memorable bathroom interior can be made by laying outtileslarge panelscolorsmi and grass across the wall.
Beige is the color of wood and earth. Very popular. A tile of shade of coffee with milk, dark chocolate helps to create a trendy and stylish interior. Ceramic texturestilesin combination with the corresponding color, they can quite truthfully imitate the surface of wood, stone, leather, bamboo. Decors can be very different - from plant to abstract paintings.
Black and white. This is the most contrasting combination. It is used mainly in the direction called "pop art". Unusual textures create a large field for fantasy. In this range, geometric shapes and floral ornaments look bright and lively.

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