How to choose a quality essential oil

The main thing is to choose an essential oil of good quality, because a synthetic product can be not only useless, but even harmful to the body. One of the indicators of a quality product is the price, because the process of producing an essential oil is very complicated and time consuming.

The type of bottle is another criterion in choosing a quality product. It should be made of dark glass, since essential oils are afraid of the sun's rays and lose their properties under their influence. The volume of the bubble can be absolutely anything. The standard is 10 ml, but there may be 5 ml bottles.

It is also worth paying attention to the label of essential oil. It is obligatory to indicate the Latin name of the plant and the name in the language of the manufacturer, as well as the address of the manufacturer. All this speaks of the high quality of the product.

In no case do not need to buy oil that has already been opened. Essential oils should be treated the same way as a drug.

Store essential oils should be at room temperature and always in a dark place. It is not recommended to put the oil in the refrigerator, as under the influence of cold temperatures it deteriorates and loses its beneficial properties. It is imperative that after use it is necessary to tightly tighten the bottle, because, in contact with air, the quality of the oil deteriorates.

Any essential oil (except citrus) can be used after the expiration date has passed. It will retain all its properties when properly stored.

There are so-called base oils, get acquainted with which should be primarily:

  • tea tree essential oils (wonderful antiseptic),
  • lavender essential oils (has a relaxing, soothing effect),
  • chamomile essential oils (antiseptic, works well in the fight against acne),
  • citrus essential oils (a wonderful scent helps to cheer up, lemon essential oil is a natural natural bleach, and orange will be an effective aid in the fight against cellulite).

With proper storage and care, essential oils can become an indispensable tool, making your skin and hair beautiful, healthy, young and attractive.

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