How to choose a nanny

For the sake of curiosity, I asked moms on the playground, with which they associate the word “nanny”. And their answers made me think ... Apart from the usual "child", "dream", "work", "manicure", "Arina Rodionovna", everyone called fear, mockery, violence, crying "," October metro field. " I do not want to focus on the tragedy that occurred in February this year in Moscow, but I can not help but think about it, since the story is indicative. And if I may say so, instructive. We can calm ourselves with thoughts that this is an "isolated case", "the nurse just went to the roof", but alas ... A woman diagnosed with schizophrenia worked in the family for three years. And competent, prosperous, sensible parents did not know anything about it and did not notice anything like that. Strange. And scary. And from this, alas, no family is insured. Choosing a nanny for your child, we must clearly understand that at stake is not only the physical and mental health of your child, but his LIFE. Therefore, the choice of a nanny should be taken very seriously.

Today, many ways to find a nanny for a child.Word of mouth works best in this issue. One thing - recommendations from strangers, another - from those whom you personally know. Therefore, the search is always better to start with friends, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances. So at least you can be sure that the potential nanny really has a good experience. And it is very important to immediately determine which age category suits you. You should not look for a young girl to care for a baby. Since here you need a good experience with it with the kids. It is better if it is a woman who has her own children. But hyperactive children from 3 years old need a younger nurse. In good physical shape, so that running on walks was not a problem for her.

How to choose a nanny

If word of mouth in the search did not help, you can contact the recruiting agency or try to find a babysitter yourself on special sites on the Internet. But with this carefully. The site is different. Let's start with the recruitment agency. The advantages of such a search are that the agency, guided by your wishes, is looking for a nanny for your child for you. You pay the agency once the amount equal to one full salary of a potential nanny.But if the selected candidate after some time does not suit you, you have the full right to demand a new nanny as many times as you like. Until you are satisfied with your choice. Conveniently. Working with the agency, you will certainly enter into an agreement. And in which case you can easily sue the nanny in court. It is believed that candidates in agencies verified. Of the 100 applicants, 95 are usually screened out. Selection is hard. Potential nanny is tested not only by psychologists - she is being tested on a polygraph. You can easily get acquainted with the resume of a nanny, recommendations from past employers and be sure that this is not a literary document and you do not drive it by your nose. Although ... agency agency too discord. This must be borne in mind.

The same can be said about nanny search sites. Each has its own reputation. Here is a list of the main online resources to help you:, Freken Bok,, Nanny on, Arina Rodionovna, the community "Kids",, etc. Pomogatel paid a good resource. ru, there is a huge selection of nannies with photos and a detailed summary. But, choosing a nanny via the Internet, you need to understand that it is impossible to check it carefully.It would be good to pay attention to Internet advertisements in your neighborhood in this kind of place: "I'll attach a nanny to good hands, since the children have grown up, we move to another district, etc.". There are many cases when mothers found a nanny on Avito, trusting only her intuition. And everyone was happy. But, unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky ...

How to choose a nanny

Suppose the choice is made. A potential nanny is about to come to your interview.

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