How to choose a fireplace for your home?

Whatever it was, but practically every inhabitant of the planet associates fire - with warmth and comfort, something with relatives and friends, probably, that is why, for many of us, buying a fireplace for your house or apartment is a cherished dream and, in some kind of, the limit of design dreams.

After all, if you are doing repairs, wallpaper and floors are a necessity, which you will replace and renew in any case, but installing a fireplace is rather a whim, which in modern heated apartments and houses has ceased to be an urgent need.

Here is an option

But, whether it is at the subconscious level, or the person is so arranged, but for each of us - a crackling fireplace in our favorite room - this is a sign of the family hearth, warmth and well-being, which we would very much like to have.

If you still decided to please yourself with such a purchase, then the question arises, how to choose a fireplace? After all, such a purchase is more exceptional than usual and, as it turned out, has under itself a lot of pitfalls.

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a fireplace, if you have never encountered such a question, we will try to help you and enlighten the main points. The first thing you have to puzzle yourself is the question: why do you need a fireplace?

Purely from aesthetic and decorative considerations, or, for example, do you acquire a thing that will really warm your house in winter and possibly be used for cooking?

Fit into the classic interior

The fact is that for different purposes there are their own models, which will differ dramatically in price and appearance. Of course, your business is, but why should you buy a serious device in your house that can heat a large room, if, in fact, you will use it no more than three times a month?

It is possible that in this case, it is much more sensible and more urgent to purchase an electric fireplace that fits perfectly into the interior of any house or apartment and, among other things, does not require serious maintenance. At the price of such devices are much cheaper, but apparently they are almost no different from these.

Next questionwhich you need to answer when choosing a home fireplace: where will it be installed? The bottom line is that installing a fireplace in a suburban private house is much easier and cheaper, but with apartments in high-rise buildings there can be serious problems.

Minimalism is relevant

Technically, such installation will be more difficult, because in a high-rise building it is problematic to remove the chimney, and even the floors in such rooms can not withstand serious weight (from 700 kg to 2000 kg!) Of fireplaces with a real firebox.

However, this, of course, does not mean that you can’t install a fireplace in the apartment, most likely you will have to pay special attention to the device of the furnace - you can use gas systems that will facilitate the installation of pipes and the withdrawal of the chimney, but here you will have to get permission from the gas industry.

In order to successfully choose your "home", you need to familiarize yourself with several basic concepts, without knowing which it will be difficult to make your choice. So, they include three main definitions: facing, furnace and chimney.

Original solution

Facing is directly what we see with our own eyes and, for a person who is not particularly knowledgeable, it may seem that this is the whole fireplace, but this is far from being the case.The lining should completely fit into the style and interior of your house, it will be very strange to look at a fireplace in a modern or hi-tech style in a country house decorated in native Russian or any other rustic style.

Firebox - this is the heart of your fireplace, because it is in it the most important process occurs - combustion, which is carried out using a certain fuel.

Will this gas or do you prefer the good old proven method using firewood, it's up to you. Probably, there is no need to explain what a chimney is. There are basic technical characteristics, they include the efficiency and power of the furnace.

What are the fireplaces?

First of all, fireplaces that are installed, both in urban paintings and in country houses, are divided into models with a closed firebox and with an open firebox. The safest are fireplaces with a closed firebox, as it is closed with heat-resistant glass, thereby greatly increasing its heat resistance.

The design is different

Due to such a closed design, the efficiency of such a fireplace is much higher than that of an open fireplace, it is believed that such models are the strongest.Of course, they are not only able to decorate a room with a cheerful light and pleasant appearance, but also to really heat it even in the coldest times.

Open fireplaces, in general, are not designed for such thorough heating, so they are often used for purely aesthetic reasons.

There is another type - electric fireplaces, as we have said, are most often used in those rooms where it is impossible to install real models, with one click of a button you can see an intricate light and even hear a pleasant crackle.

Such "hot spots" do not require any special installation, it is enough for them to find a comfortable place in the room, plug it in and enjoy.

Stylish solution

By the way, the effect of artificial fire in electric fireplaces is so realistic that, at times, it is not at all distinguishable from the present, while all this, such models are usually equipped with a heating function. The power of such "fireplaces" is enough to heat a small room, which, again, in small apartments can be the best solution.

Wood fireplaces, of course, the most realistic, however, here it should be borne in mind that it will have to be installed according to all the rules.To begin with, look at the place where you would like to install your “hearth”: most often they choose a living room, where, most often, the whole family can gather and enjoy the warmth and colors of the real flame.

Usually, wood-burning fireplaces are equipped with cast-iron or steel furnaces, each of which has its own advantages, for example, steel is cheaper than cast iron, and cast iron is not subject to corrosion, which is especially important for country houses on the seashore.

Cozy and stylish

Traditionally, fireplaces are inscribed directly into the wall, but now you can find the most modern and unusual models that, for example, bend around a protruding corner of the wall, they are also called angular, or those in which the flame can be observed from two sides opposite to each other.

Be sure to ask about the materials from which the facing part of your home miracle will be made: it is better that it be decorative natural stone, for example, sandstone, granite, marble, sometimes heat-resistant bricks are also used.

Remember that there are no identical stones in nature, so ask to show you the stone with your own eyes, from which the lining will be made, so that you will not be disappointed in its color or texture.

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