How to chisel parquet

You will need
  • - parquet grinder,
  • - a vacuum cleaner.
So, if the decision on self-cyclingparquetfinally accepted and not subject to appeal, then at the initial stage there is a rough grinding of the surface of the floor covering.
Install coarse sandpaper in the machine and determine the direction in which you will work. If there are separate strips protruding above the surface, it is recommended to move with the machine perpendicular to its laying on the floor.
In other words, with the "deck installation" - move diagonally with respect to the wall. In the case when the parquet is located “herringbone”, move along it. It is likely that you will need to perform several passes with a grinder until you have completely leveled the floor surface.
After elimination of gross defects carefully clean the room with a vacuum cleaner. During cleaning, inspect the surface of the flooring for large cracks and chips in the slats, and then proceed to fine polishing.
In the electric machine, a rough sandpaper is replaced by a thin sandpaper, and the process of scrapingparquetgoing on. But from now on it is carried out with movement in different directions: according to the “crosswise” scheme. After two passes, change the sandpaper in the car, setting each time, the skin with a finer grain of abrasive material.
At the final stage of the floor scraping, surface treatment is carried out by a machine in which the “hundredth” size sandpaper is installed. Then the room is cleaned. Next, you should cover the cleaned surface with varnish.

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